fantastic negative result (F*ck the EU)
(zu alt für eine Antwort)
Thomas Schmidt
2016-10-28 09:32:06 UTC
The EU consists of 28 nations, 27 in the near future, you want to fuck
27 nations?
Putin Tried to Warn Us About Syria Three Years Ago, but Nobody Listened
That's not right.
You want to be called a liar?
Darius Shahtahmasebi | October 25, 2016
.. In a live interview
with RT in June 2013,
Putin was asked for an explanation regarding Russia's support for Bashar
al-Assad in Syria, even though this support has made some people very angry at
Russia. Putin's response was that Russia does not support the Assad government
or Assad himself, but before defining Russia's official position, he explained
"We do not want to interfere into the internal schism of Islam, between
Shias and Sunnis. These are internal issues of the Islamic world. We have
very good relations with much of the Arabic world, Iran for example, and
Tha father of Bashar had very godd connections to Russia and all others states
around Syria were supported by US-ministery af Aggression which is occupied by
jews since second world war. Al these states were occupied by US-Soldiers when
they didn't sell oil to US or tried to be not very friendly to Westpalestina
(some constantly try to call is Israel). So Syrians were deeply influenced by
modern, nonislamic ideas and by the caught by the ideas of a very liberal
version of islam. The same effect took place as in Iran, the population of
Syria had the benefit of modern life but only in the cities. The large mass
of people on the open land had no chance to get the benefit of people of the
cities but from the extrem idiots of imame who told that the kind of life
of the people in the cities isn't islamic enough.
However, according to Putin, what worries Russia can be identified by having a
look "at what is going on in the Middle East in general."
"Egypt is not calm. Iraq is not calm - and it is not assured in its
continued existence as one state. Yemen is not calm; Tunisia is not calm.
Libya is witnessing inter-ethnic, inter-tribal conflict. So the entire
region has been engulfed, at a minimum, into a state of conflict and
undecidedness. And now Syria, down the same path."
Nobody cares about calm countries. US is not interested at all in coutries
which are calm but of governements paid of USA and perfectly following the
USA. The money for corruptes leaders of egypt for instance is part of the
enormous amount of money paid for that oil which is stolen by USA.

Just lokk! Russia is building the next serie of gas lines from Russia to Germany.
Who is against it. Poland of course, polish leaders are doing al the things
USians like e.g. placing rockets against Russia saying that rockets are against
Iran. And Polland is agains gas pipes from Russia to Germany because USians
want to sell the stolen oil. So Putin is angry about these rockets and the
US-ministray of Agression telling evrybody that Russia again want to occupy
all countries of the sowiet union..
In Putin's eyes, these events are no accident. As he puts it, these events
"Some people, from the outside, think that if they can 'comb' the region to
how they see fit - some of them call this 'democracy' - then the region will
come into calmness and order. That's not how it is. Without taking into
account the history, the traditions, religious particularities, you must not
do anything in the Middle East, especially as an outsider." ..
Gods nation and the holy nation of democracy ist USA. You will see this by the next
elections. Only those can vote who do have a passport and only these are counted.
About 20 to 25 percent go to the elections and the half of that vote for one
of the two candidates. Both candidates are exrtemly rich and don#t have a idea
what's really going on in the USA. So most soldiers are in the army to get
some money for their hungry children. So USA lost every war. Oh! Not all!
The occupation of Grenada by the navy was a whole success. Especially against
the drunken russian engineers building an airport.
Unsurprisingly, supporting radical militant groups <http://u.to/7v5LDw> to
overthrow regimes in the Middle East has been a key hallmark of Obama's
"So they interfered in the internal affairs of Libya. Whether the [Gaddafi]
regime was good or bad - but Libya used to have the highest standard of
living <http://u.to/Gf9LDw> in the Middle East. And what's happening there
now? There's a war for resources; an endless inter-tribal war. How is this
all going to end - nobody knows."
But Obama did say it before! That he wanted a change! And he succeeded.
What happened to Libya resonated strongly with Russia due to the fact that in
that situation, the West convinced <http://archive.is/t5ZEY> Russia and China
not to use their veto power at the U.N. Security Council level - they were
told regime change was not part of NATO's agenda in Libya. As it turned out,
however, this was one of the first things that happened as soon as
authorization was granted for NATO to bomb Libyan territory. Putin immediately
why NATO was attacking Muammar
Gaddafi directly despite their promises they would not do so.
"What worries us is that if the same is done in Syria, then it will be in
the same state as Libya. Is it not enough that we already have a small
lawless territory between Afghanistan and Pakistan? Nobody governs the area,
it's just groups of rebels. This is very close to our borders, do we want
If any country around westpalestina without the Gaza-strip is saying any word
against the hundret of atomic bombs there will be bombed by the USA. If any state
doesn't sell its oil to USA or doesn't want to be paid wit $ it will be bombed.
If any state seems to be agressive against Westpalesina will be occupied.
The role of al-Nusra in the Syrian conflict continues
to be the main issue today, as Russia has
repeatedly asked for the United States to differentiate between terrorist
groups and moderate groups on the ground in Syria.
"You know what [the Americans] can't answer us? The key armed opposition
group... al-Nusra... Yes, this organization is one of the key ones in the
armed opposition [against Assad]. The U.S. State Department has confirmed
it is a terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda. Al-Nusra does not hide
that fact. And - what are [the Americans suggesting]? For al-Nusra to be in
the future parliament?"
"Or, here's another example. They support certain organizations that are
fighting against Assad in Syria, yet those same countries [who support them
in Syria] fight against these organizations in Mali."
The one who is against US is a terrorist. The one who is against Westpalästina
is a terrorist. Tha one who crashed in the "world-trade-tower" is no terrorist
because he helped to bomb down all terrorist coutries, caused assurances to pay
a new westpalestinian cathedal avoidind the enormouse costs of demontage. No
westpalästinian US-idiot was hurt. Great, wasn't that?
USian-idiot hardly can write their name or can read it afterward. They believe
earth being a disk. They don't know absolutly anything except nothing about
geagrophy, history, musik, art, philosophy, economy, politics. So never try to
talk to them like human beings. their newspapers only report nothing, their TV
only shows USian stupidity. They can't read books because they can#t open it
beleaving it being a smartphone. They know everything about god ans sins but
at a level of stupid babies. If their priests tells them Putin being a devil
they believe it forever.
Putin's reference to fighters in Mali is a direct attack on France's role in
the war on terror. France has been actively bombing <http://u.to/z-9LDw> Mali
since 2013, though this is rarely covered by the mainstream media. As Russian
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has noted <http://u.to/2P9LDw>, the fighters
France supported in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi were the same fighters they
have supposedly been fighting in Mali.
Mainstream media are controlled. By US. This seems curious but the bosses of
journalists believe in USA so nothing can be written what can hurt the souls
of US-idiots. All armies as a part of NATO have to believe in USA, even the
french ones. Got it?
"Often, not only are they the same organizations - they are the same
individuals," Putin added.
"They simply leave Syria and go to fight in Mali - where western states do
not support them. Then the same people go back to Syria and there they are
"Where is the logic? How will it all end? These are not just empty words."
Well there is hope. Internet can't be controlled and if some bastards like the
Khalif of Byzanz try to controll it, there darknet cen be used, In darknet
many, many Russians are writing allthough it's hard to read that. If anyone
want's information, it can be gotten.
American exceptionalism, from Stalin with love
Stalin, Lenin, Chrutschow, all stupid, Putin is not stupid, He gives the
population of Russia the illusion of being an important nation. Why is this
important for Russian Nation? It isn't. Loosing many neigborrows around a
central state ist hard for those livinig there. It was hard for Austria
for it tried hard to get connected to Germany. It was hard for France loosing
all theri colonies. It is not hard for England fo they don't think they have
lost anything, not even India. Canada still has the german granny on their money.
And is extremly hard for Russia. What a nonsence! Did you ever walk from
Kaliningrad to Wladiwostok? To really learn to know, how large Russia is?
Why care about lost occupied contries? Now Putin makes Russians believe
that Russia really is large and important. The real importance of Russia
has to be made by Russians. So start it!

Don't post to at.gesellschaft.politik there are only merited, proved and
complet idiots there, like USians :-)
Wer nichts weiß - muß alles glauben!
Oleg Smirnov
2016-10-30 14:31:53 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/zncsh9g> peakprosperity.com

We Risk Being Collateral Damage In The Neocon Lust For War

So much so that I've upped my personal preparations

Chris Martenson | October 28, 2016

.. Eventually, finally, people slowly wake up to the fact that their rituals
and the weather never had anything to do with each other. But by then, society
has usually torn itself apart, unable to align the contradictions.
This is what's happening now. The narrative we live by is breaking down, and
increasingly, our desperate ruling elites simply don't know what to do.
People are confused and so they want to either return to the past "Make
America Great Again!") or they want to cling to the present ("Stronger
Together"... as in don't rock the boat, preserve the status quo!). ..

Among the many conflicts that are boiling over, the one that concerns me the
most -- by far -- is the West's very intentional efforts to demonize Putin
specifically, and Russia generally.

The tactics being used are no different from those used to disparage Saddam
and his regime right before the invasion of Iraq. We've been down this path
before; the playbook is literally exactly the same.

Blatantly obvious propaganda is being used, most heavily by the very same (and
unrepentant) main stream media outlets that were used the last time around --
when we ended up commencing a 'pre-emptive' war based on ginned-up
intelligence that turned out to be wholly false. We owe it to ourselves not be
so easily led this time around. ..

The Winds Of War ..

The blackballing of Putin and Russia started years ago, in 2013, when Putin
managed to convince then-president of Ukraine Yanukovych to back out of the
agreement intended to bring Ukraine into the EU fold as the final NATO brick
in the wall.

That set-back enraged the neocons in Washington DC mightily and they've been
rapidly anti-Putin ever since. This neocon grudge has found help and support
ever since from the UK, US, and EU press which were also willing partners in
selling the fraudulent "evidence" that led to the Iraq war -- and Libya, too,
and now Yemen and Syria. ..

So the demonization began a long time ago, well before it's reasonable to
suspect HRCs advance team could start scheming about how to use an anti-Putin
stance against Trump, or any other opponent.

But the media has continued to beat the Putin=bad drums, and with increasingly
volume. ..

The message: Putin is manipulating us, and anybody who falls for it is a
sucker. And if you dare to question the integrity of the US elections, which
there is ample evidence that it is vulnerable to fraud & manipulation (listen
to our podcast with election integrity analyst Brad Friedman
<http://bit.ly/2eaVg8U>), you are Putin's patsy. ..

I just know propaganda when I see it. And I see it in the examples above, and
in the media pervasively today. So where does this lead us? ..

The real question is: Why? What's the plan here, if any exists? Who's behind
all this and why? If we can answer any of these, then perhaps we can assess
the risks regular people like us and our loved ones may be facing as potential
"collateral damage" of this warmongering. ..

Read it in full <http://tinyurl.com/zncsh9g>


The answer to the 'why?' is a combination of rational and irrational issues.

The irrational thing is, the US policymakers are, in a large part, possessed
maniacs living within the bubble of their dense delusion and with baser and
desperate lust for global hegemony. They consider Russia an obstacle. The so
called liberals and progressives greatly contributed to this insanity because
their bogus narratives produce specious justifications for the wars.

The rational thing is that the 'image of enemy' is required to continue the
social management in the US via habitual patterns that had been formed during
the Cold War. Another rational thing are the interests of the military-
industrial complex. Yet one reason is that the demonization of Russia helps
the US keep the Europeans on a short leash. All this is aside from what the
majority of the regular Americans is really concerned about (moreover the US
establishment's policy produces more terrorist threats and refugees at home).

The writer is incorrectly claiming that 'blackballing' of Russia started in
2013 due to the Ukraine. Actually, it begun earlier with the insane 'pussy
riot' / 'gays' hysteria in the Atlanticist MSM that was intended to demonize
Russia in the mind of the sheep. Here <http://archive.is/ijV9Q> another writer
hinted, in 2012, the US administration issued an implicit call to 'oust' Putin
and "after Putin's decision to stand for election in March 2012, the goal of
isolating Russia with an eye toward regime change became default US policy."
In turn, the Putin's 2012 decision to come back, as some analysts speculate,
was largely due to the example of what the US and NATO had done in Libya. Ie.
it became clear the American policymakers and their lackeys in Europe began
behaving like rampant maniacs so Russia needed a strong leadership to resist.
Refugee Crisis: The Foreseeable Consequence of Shortsighted Interventions in
Middle East
Oleg Smirnov
2016-10-30 14:32:38 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/zd6w7rk> russia-insider.com

The Crisis of the European Union Is Irreversible

The political-economic block and its common currency cannot be salvaged

Giancarlo Elia Valori
The author is an Italian industrialist and honorary member of the Academy of
Science of the Institut de France

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/zd6w7rk>
Refugee Crisis: The Foreseeable Consequence of Shortsighted Interventions in
Middle East
Oleg Smirnov
2016-10-30 19:43:28 UTC
<http://archive.is/KccC6> opendemocracy.net

Totalitarian tendencies in post-Maidan Ukraine
In Ukraine, the state apparatus, far-right movements and patriotic citizens
are working together to shut down debate and silence criticism.

VOLODYMYR CHEMERYS | 26 October 2016

.. In post-Maidan Ukraine, temnyky (OS: "the authorities' secret instructions
to the press"), arrests and censorship have become commonplace. What's more,
repression against dissidents and even murder have become socially acceptable.
The murder of the journalist Oles Buzyna in April 2015 or the burning of
dozens of people in Odesa in May 2014 now find their justification in the
speeches of "patriots". Meanwhile, former opposition journalists who gained
seats as parliamentary deputies refuse to defend their colleague Ruslan
Kotsaba, the blogger who spent a year and a half in jail for his views. In
all, over 100 journalists, bloggers and indeed ordinary people who expressed
their views about the war in the Donbas, conscription, the constitutional
order of Ukraine (law enforcement authorities qualify such views as
"separatism") and other issues have been criminally prosecuted in Ukraine for
their publications.

The boldest predictions of George Orwell's 1984 have come to pass - phrases
like "civil war" have become taboo. In their place, we have newspeak. In
particular, the newspeak term "hybrid war", which means everything in our mass
media from military action in the east to an article
(OS: <http://archive.is/1H0jk>) in the New York Times.

To be fair, it should be noted that justifications of violence and murder of
"enemies" have not been accepted by society as a whole - only by one segment
of social media, the mass media and those who call themselves "Maidan
activists". However, that fact does not bestow a rosier vista of Ukraine
today. Critics of the current state of affairs generally remain silent for
fear of repression or they censor themselves. Meanwhile, our mass media
presents the postings of the "Facebook Hundred" or the speeches of "patriots"
as though they were the voice of the entirety of Ukrainian society. (OS: To
be fair, the majority of the Ukrainians don't share the ultra-nationalistic
enthisiasm today, but they prefer to be silent or very careful about anything
that may be against the party line, since a punishment will be real.) ..

The practice of "five minutes of hatred" (again reminiscent of Orwell) has
become commonplace. True, these "five minutes" - mass attacks in social media
and the news media against Nadia Savchenko, Tetiana Montian, Stanislav
Serhienko, Volodymyr Zelensky as well as "anti-corruption activists" and
"euro-optimists" - last not for five minutes, but often weeks on end. (OS:
Nadia Savchenko is that ridiculous 'heroic' 'pilot' that helped kill Russian
journalists and then she was released by Putin - today she becomes closer and
closer to 'the enemy of the state' status in the Ukraine - because she is
stupid and affords to be vocal independently. Other names in the list are also
not 'pro-Russian'.) The initiators of such campaigns (the authors of the first
posts) are advisors to the president (Yuri Biriukov), public officials (Anton
Herashchenko, Georgy Tuka) or structures that belong to representatives of the
pro-government People's Front (Mykola Kniazhytsky, Serhiy Pashynsky).

Informing has become socially acceptable in post-Maidan Ukraine. The State
Security Agency (SBU) encourages it. The website Myrotvorets ("Peacemaker")
collects informers' reports and regularly publishes lists of "enemies" -
journalists and civic activists. These lists often become an instruction of
sorts for the actions of ultra-right paramilitary groups, who use violence
against "traitors", attacking participants in social protests, anti-war,
anti-fascist meetings, threatening and even beating up journalists. ..

Something really has happened to us - Ukraine has changed after the last
Maidan. From a country that stood out for its level of civic freedoms on the
territory of the former USSR, it is transforming into a copy of the Russian
Federation in terms of the suppression of those freedoms. (OS: The latter is
an utter BS since Russia is in no comparison with the post-coup Ukraine's
fascist shit. And the Ukrainian 'dissidents' in contrast to the vocal Russian
ones know well 'the West' will not help them. That's why the hapless loser is
complaining through a little-known minor outlet, neither 'The New York Times'
nor 'The Guardian' would not publish such complaints.) ..

The facts above show that several aspects of civic life in today's Ukraine are
under the control either of state organs or non-state far-right formations.
And citizens who want to express views that are not approved by these
formations face threats, violence or criminal prosecutions. A number of NGOs
and internet resources monitor what bloggers say on social media, the
publications and activities of journalists and civic activists, appearances by
actors and singers (both Ukrainian and Russian), television broadcasts, films
and peaceful gatherings. The result of this "monitoring" is usually an appeal
to state bodies such as the SBU, the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of
Information (the "Ministry of Truth" as it is called by many journalists),
National Council for Television and Radio, State Film Agency, demanding that
criminal charges be brought against certain people, that broadcast of certain
television programmes or films be prohibited, that television broadcast
licences be revoked. ..

In other incidents, ultra-right activists, openly racist and Nazi (such as
Azov) formations have themselves attacked television stations such as Ukraina
and Inter, social protests, anti-war meetings, meetings with left wing and
antifascist banners and symbols, actions of the LGBT community. As a rule,
these attacks take place with the police passively standing by.During these
attacks on mass media outlets, the attackers demand changes to their editorial
policy and the portrayal of events in Ukraine according to their "patriotic"
point of view only. As a result of this pressure, attacks and criminal
prosecutions citizens refrain from stating their views in public and the mass
media censors itself. ..

The initiators of campaigns against dissent are typically the representatives
of ultra-right formations, as well as those civic activists who previously
presented themselves and currently do so as people with a liberal and
democratic outlook. However, these campaigns succeed primarily as a result of
either the support or the inactivity of state institutions.

Read the whining in full <http://tinyurl.com/hscp5nd>
Post by Oleg Smirnov
The Crisis of the European Union Is Irreversible
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-08 20:35:35 UTC
<http://archive.is/HcThh> wsj.com

Anti-Americanism Across the Continent

Affection for Russia unites French presidential candidates-and many other
European politicians.

JOHN VINOCUR | Nov. 7, 2016

.. Anti-Americanism appears increasingly like a common denominator. ..

Read it in full <http://archive.is/HcThh>


The indispensable American exceptionalists seem to be unhappy due to that.

The Europeans should thank their overseas patron's policy and agenda for the
refugees as well as for their economic losses due to the anti-constitutional
anti-democratic coup in the Ukraine.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Totalitarian tendencies in post-Maidan Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-16 12:23:26 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/h5m85yy> ronpaulinstitute.org

Bulgaria & Moldova Switch from Hillary's Euro-Atlantic Column

mark almond | monday november 14, 2016

.. In both Bulgaria and Moldova, the voters rejected candidates for president
who had been openly endorsed by Washington and Brussels. .. Even cash
inducements like the IMF's sudden dole of US $36 million to the Moldovan
regime just six days before the poll could not buy enough support. Even more
striking was the Bulgarian public's rejection of the pro-EU candidate who had
boasted about how much EU aid to the poverty- stricken Balkan EU member was at
stake. ..

Until Trump's election, the USA and EU deployed their massive power and
influence to making any vote against their policy-options seem futile despite
popular recognition of how they had gutted the productive aspects of both the
Bulgarian and the Moldovan economies. Sunday's elections in both countries may
be straws in the wind. They are victories for the genuine people power ..

No-one has died in these tremors in Bulgaria and Moldova. But the fact that
the upheaval has been peaceful through the ballot-box leaves only violence as
a viable way of reversing the will of the people. Both Bulgaria in 1997 and
Moldova in 2009 saw violent Putsches from the street enthusiastically endorsed
in Brussels and Washington as "People Power". ..

What should worry the US-EU establishment is that elections are coming in
countries which won't be so easy to ignore as small East European states. Next
spring, the Dutch and the French vote. ..


This is once again about the phenomenon that real democracy works differently
than what's suggested by those who build their cultism on the basis of slogans
about democracy / values.

Maybe it's time to start European Spring against the Corrupt Establishment.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Totalitarian tendencies in post-Maidan Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-16 17:03:51 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hr5nqts> cnn.com

Angela Merkel to run for 4th term as Chancellor, politician says

Mick Krever, Frederik Pleitgen and Joe Sterling | November 16, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will run for a fourth term in elections next
year, a senior politician in her party told CNN on Tuesday. ..

"She is absolutely determined, willing, and ready to contribute to strengthen
the international liberal order. But we can't see the Chancellor or Germany as
last man standing." ..

If she pursues the position, she'll be the favorite to win, political experts
say, even though she is facing some backlash over Germany's refugee policies
and the acceptance of hundreds of thousands ..


Please, Germans, elect some one less hypocrite and less delusional instead of
this ridiculous person. Merkel represents the rotten trend in the 'western'
politics whose proponents make heavily extensive use of the sonorous 'values'
rhetoric, which is a sort of unhealthy cult. Meanwhile something different
happens under such a cover, at the expense of the ordinary people in the end.

Only very dishonest or / and deeply delusional person can afford to rant about
"values - democracy, freedom, respect for the law" after the bold, blatant and
shameless lawlessness that had happened in the Ukraine.

In the recent decade, the 'international liberal order' and the institutions
related to it, have lost a large part of moral authority and legitimacy due to
the fact that all this hypocrisy becomes increasingly prominent and visible.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Totalitarian tendencies in post-Maidan Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-17 13:54:32 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hcafhc8> irrussianality.wordpress.com


Paul Robinson | NOVEMBER 17, 2016

In democratic countries, disagreeing with government policy is nothing
unusual. But Russophobic paranoia has reached such a peak that those who dare
to propose better relations with Russia are increasingly facing pressure to be
silent. Even daring to suggest that Russian-Western tensions are not entirely
Russia's fault is enough to get one labelled 'pro-Russian' and a possible
threat to national security. The struggle with the enemy without has now
turned into a struggle against the 'enemy within'.

A report <http://bit.ly/2fzML8u> published this week by the Atlantic Council
entitled The Kremlin's Trojan Horses. denounces the 'Putinverstehern [Putin
understanderers], useful idiots, agents of influence, or Trojan Horses' who
are allegedly subverting European democracy, and proposes various measures
which European governments should take against them.

Russia, says the report, is aiming 'to sow discord among European Union (EU)
member states, destabilize European polities, and undermine Western liberal
values - democracy, freedom of expression, and transparency'. ..
The Atlantic Council urges European governments to take action against these
fifth columnists. ..


The real Trump-Putin connection
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-17 20:15:09 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/gm3twj2> spiked-online.com



Evil Empire-bashing is no longer the preserve of the right.

During the old Cold War, it tended to be right-wing Western politicians who
were most comfortable stoking the fires of anti-Russian fear and loathing.
Think of McCarthyite warnings of reds under the beds in 1950s America or of US
president Ronald Reagan's attacks on the 'evil empire' in the 1980s. But no
more. Today, conjuring up Russia as the nefarious demiurge of world affairs,
with Vlad the Bad Putin as demon-in-chief, has almost become the self-styled
progressive's stock-in-trade. .. While there are of course still plenty on the
right of Western politics (to the extent that a right exists) who cling to the
certainties of the old Cold War, it's the liberals, the left-leaning, the now
frayed and frazzled establishment, who seem most keen to fuel the fires of the
new Cold War, in an attempt to rediscover some sense of moral purpose. ..

In fact, Clinton has been an orchestrator-in-chief of the anti-Russian forces.
She has spoken of seeking to 'confine, contain, [and] deter Russian aggression
in Europe and beyond'; she said Russia's annexation of Crimea after the
West/EU-stoked unrest in Ukraine, was reminiscent of Hitler's justification
for taking over parts of Eastern Europe; and, in the run-up to her failed
election bid, she declared, 'I remain convinced that we need a concerted
effort to really up the costs on Russia and in particular on Putin'.

This is not just rhetoric. .. This is the effect the new liberal, right-
thinking purveyors of the Cold War have been having on world affairs. They
have been destabilising relationships, exacerbating tensions and prompting
Russia to retroactively aggress, act out, protect itself. ..


Atlanticism is a world bully, and its right and left wings - their mainstream
factions - support the basic bullying agenda. The right wing represents more
'classical', barefaced imperialistic stance. The left wing seeks to justify
subversion and aggression as a mission to promote progressive democracy and
'responsibility to protect' someone somewhere from tyranny and dictatorship.

The left-wing-related issues are somewhat more orwellian.

There are, of course, peaceful left and peaceful right, but not in dominance.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-25 02:22:06 UTC
Meanwhile in Kiev ..

Post by Oleg Smirnov
Oleg Smirnov
2016-12-29 21:43:45 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/gq9jhgw> novinite.com

Moscow Court Rules Change in Power in Ukraine in 2014 Is Coup

December 27, 2016

A Moscow court has ruled that the events in February 2014 in Ukraine
constitute a state coup .. The decision .. came after a request on behalf of
former Ukrainian deputy Vladimir Oleynik. ..

"There are armed extremist groupings in Ukraine which partake in power and
persecute people in accordance with the principle of social and ideological
hate," reads the ruling.

The support of the USA and the EU for the "anti-constitutional" coup led to a
schism in society and an armed conflict. .. During the court sessions, judge
.. heard the testimony of former employees of the administration, of President
Viktor Yanukovych, the chief Prosecutor's Office, the Interior Ministry and
the security forces who described unanimously the change in power as a coup ..


Anyone may learn the facts and laws, and the only possible conclusion from
that is that all this was clearly unlawful. The European politicians chose not
to notice the lawlessness while the US ambassador and other US emissaries were
boldly and brazenly lying that all goes within legal field. Only a silly one
might believe it'd remain without bad consequences.

Now, the Ukraine is a time bomb that will inevitably explode some day.

If someone believes that 'sanctions' etc against Russia might prevent it then
this one must be even more silly then those 'community of values' morons that
supported the anti-democratic coup in the country.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Oleg Smirnov
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The 'Post-Truth' Mainstream Media

Nicolas J S Davies | January 9, 2017

.. For several months, Western officials and media outlets repeated thousands
of times that there were between 250,000 and 300,000 civilians trapped under
Syrian and Russian bombardment in East Aleppo. Western reports rarely
mentioned the Syrian government's estimate that there were only one-third that
number of civilians in the rebel-controlled enclave - nor that its estimates
were solidly based on what it had found in Homs and other rebel-held areas
after it restored state control.

Once East Aleppo fell to government forces, it turned out that there were less
than 90,000 people there <http://bit.ly/2i9EFkA>, about what the Syrian
government estimated but only a fraction of the much higher numbers
confidently repeated ad nauseam by Western officials and media.

Part of the reason for this misreporting was that Syrian rebels had publicly
killed Western and independent journalists to secure a monopoly on information
coming out of rebel-controlled areas. Given the West's disdain for Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad, and sympathy for his opponents, the mainstream
Western media then became reliant on anti-government rebels and allied
activists for what was going on in those parts of Syria.

Now the complicity of Western media in the success of this strategy has been
exposed as a systematic and deadly lapse in journalistic standards. So we
should by now have seen widespread corrections and retractions from mainstream
media that helped the rebels broadcast propaganda that conveyed a misleading,
one-sided picture of the crisis in Aleppo.

The absence of corrections or retractions reflects a "new normal" in Western
media practice. The mainstream media reports propaganda, usually produced by
Western governments but in this case even by Al Qaeda splinter groups, as
uncontested fact. Then, when the bubble bursts and the propaganda is exposed,
it is quickly swept down the memory hole as the same reporters, editors and
producers who got it all wrong unapologetically move on to other equally
unsubstantiated narratives, in this case, "Russia hacked the election," and
even, "Russia hacked the electric grid."

'Post-Truth' Media ..
Al Qaeda's Social Media ..
'Russian Aggression' ..
Imbalanced Accusations ..
Three Minutes to Doomsday ..

Read it in full <http://tinyurl.com/hprxg5d>


The UN officials also zealously promoted these lies <http://u.to/2g6iDw>,
and if the Syrian army was not able to liberate the al-Qaeda-held part of the
city then these lies might never be refuted.

One more notable thing, it was said that there're about 1.5 - 2 million people
in the government-held part of Aleppo, then, if you compare the sizes of the
al-Qaeda-held part and the gov't-held part, you can easily come to conclusion
that the 'population density' in the Qaeda-held part was very much less than
the one in the rest of Aleppo. The latter means, most of the civilians clearly
preferred to move to the government-held part from the al-Qaeda-held part even
before the Syrian army started the offensive to liberate East Aleppo. All this
is in a striking contradiction with the bold false narratives so importunately
promoted by the Atlanticist officials and the mainstream media.

Why do you allow your officials and the media to be so boldly blatant liars?
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Moscow Court Rules Change in Power in Ukraine in 2014 Is Coup
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-10 16:47:07 UTC
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NATO Report Blames Russia for Populism Worldwide

Blames Russians for Trump, Brexit

Jason Ditz | January 09, 2017

A new report from NATO is following a narrative trend which began in the US
and has since spread across Western Europe, accusing Russia of being to blame
for the rise of populism worldwide, as an effort to undermine NATO and the
European Union.

This report blames Russia for the election of Donald Trump in November, as
well as last summer's Brexit vote, in which Britain decided to withdraw from
the European Union. It goes on to blame them for growing anti-EU movements in
several other union nations, and for improving polling numbers in Germany and
France for Euroskeptic parties. ..


The morons have f*cked up, and now they try to use 'Russia' as something that
is supposed to cause the knee-jerk reaction of the populace which is supposed
to be well-brainwashed.

Regular 'western' people should get smarter and figure out what exactly their
corrupt, delusional and degenerative establishments are trying to sell them
under the guise of this desperate hysteria about Russia.
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The 'Post-Truth' Mainstream Media
2017-01-10 22:15:49 UTC
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The 'Post-Truth' Mainstream Media
On est arrivé au point où la propagande/désinformation US et occidentale
atteint la perversion, c'est à dire devient anti-productive et se
retourne contre ceux qui en faisaient usage.

Le principe de "plus c'est gros mieux ça passe" ne fonctionne plus très
bien avec des des moyens d'information, internet en particulier qui
permettent de mettre en balance les plus gros mensonges avec les plus
terrifiantes réalités, et une quantité de bobards impressionnante qui
peut pousser l'internaute moyen à ne pas trop croire à tout et n'importe
quoi, y compris ce que racontent les media mainstream (pourquoi elles ne
mentiraient pas, tout le monde le fait bien).

D'où l'élection de Trump, du brexit etc. Les USA n'avaient qu'à s'en
prendre à eux-même, on était dans une situation métastable un peu comme
dans le cas du retard à l'ébullition, où on chauffe un verre d'eau dans
un microonde au delà de 100° sans qu'il bout et si on le titille un peu,
tout saute en l'air !
Si vous mettez deux Français ensemble, et s'ils sont d'accord sur tout,
c'est qu'un des deux est un étranger.
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-20 15:34:13 UTC
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Facebook Launches 'Fake News' Filtering Service Ahead Of German Elections

Tyler Durden | Jan 16, 2017

Because the rise in popularity of alternative and populist candidates in
Germany and elsewhere around the world can't possibly by a legitimate
rejection of politicians who simply skewed policies too far to the left over
the past decade, Germany and Facebook have announced an accelerated effort to
crack down on "Fake News" ..


Some may try VK instead of / in addition to Facebook.

Initially developed as a (near-)Russian network it attracts today more users
from various countries. There's no doubt that the VK administration (it's a
private company) would have to cooperate with authorities of specific
countries with regard to specific national regulations. It still can turn out
that their policies may be more sane in comparison with.

Over 370 million registered accounts
Over 80 000 000 average daily users

According to Alexa, VK.com ranks 13th in the global world ranking.

Here are VK's national ranks (vs Facebook's ranks) for some countries.

Russia 1 (128)
Belarus 1 (95)
Ukraine 1 (36)
Kazakhstan 2 (138)
Moldova 4 (21)
Estonia 4 (15)
Latvia 5 (19)
Georgia 5 (9)
Azerbaijan 5 (13)
Armenia 6 (16)
Lithuania 6 (5)
Finland 6 (4)
Netherlands 6 (4)
Poland 10 (4)
Czechia 11 (5)
Israel 11 (4)
Germany 13 (6)
Austria 17 (5)
Belgium 20 (4)
Norway 25 (4)
Denmark 26 (4)
Italy 27 (4)
France 30 (4)
United Kingdom 35 (4)
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The 'Post-Truth' Mainstream Media
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-26 11:44:12 UTC

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Karl Rove's Prophecy


In a famous exchange between a high official at the court of George W. Bush
and journalist Ron Suskind, the official - later acknowledged to have been
Karl Rove - takes the journalist to task for working in "the reality-based
community." He defined that as believing "that solutions emerge from your
judicious study of discernible reality." Rove then asserted that this was no
longer the way in which the world worked:

"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And
while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll
act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and
that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you,
all of you, will be left to just study what we do." (Ron Suskind,
NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004).
(OS: <http://tinyurl.com/huedkm3>)

This declaration became popular as an illustration of the hubris of the
Bush-Cheney government. But we could also see it as fulfilled prophecy.
Fulfilled in a manner that no journalist at that time would have deemed
possible. Yes, the neoconservatives brought disrepute upon themselves because
of the disaster in Iraq. Sure, opposition to the reality Rove had helped
create in that devastated country became a first rung on the ladder that could
lead to the presidency, as it did for Barack Obama. But the neocons stayed put
in the State Department and other positions closely linked to the Obama White
House, where they became allies with the liberal hawks in continuing
'spreading democracy' by overthrowing regimes. America's mainstream news and
opinion purveyors, without demurring, accommodated the architects of reality
production overseen by Dick Cheney.

This did not end when Obama became president, but in fact with seemingly ever
greater eagerness they gradually made the CIA/neocon-neoliberal created
reality appear unshakably substantial in the minds of most newspaper readers
and among TV audiences in the Atlantic basin. .. With President Obama as a
mere spectator, the neocon/liberals could - without being ridiculed - pass off
as a popular revolution the coup d'état they fomented in the Ukraine. And
because of an unquestioned Atlanticist faith, which holds that without the
policies of the United States the world cannot be safe for people of the
Atlantic basin, the European elites that determine policy or comment on it
joined their American counterparts in endorsing that reality. ..

As the fighting in Syria reached a phase when contradictions in the official
Washington/NATO story demanded a stepping back for a fresh look, editors were
forced into contortions to make sure that the baddies stayed bad, and that no
matter how cruel and murderously they went about their occupation in Aleppo
and elsewhere, the jihadi groups fighting to overthrow the secular Assad
government in Damascus remained strictly labeled as moderate dissidents worthy
of Western support, and the Russians as violators of Western values.
Architects of an official reality that diverges widely from the facts you
thought you knew must rely on faits accompli they achieve through military or
police violence and intimidation, in combination with a fitting interpretation
or a news blackout delivered by mainstream media.

These conditions have been widely obtained in the Atlantic basin through a
gradual loss of political accountability at top levels, and through government
agencies protected by venerated secrecy that are allowed to live lives of
their own. As a result American and European populations have been dropped
into a fantasy world, one under constant threat from terrorists and an evil
dictator in Moscow. ..

A disadvantage of being part of the elite is that you must stick to the
accepted story. If you deviate from it, and have your thoughts run rather far
away from it, which is quite inevitable once you begin with your deviation,
you can no longer be trusted by those around you. If you are a journalist and
depend for your income on a mainstream newspaper or are hired by a TV company,
you run the risk of losing your job if you do not engage in self-censorship.

Consequently, publications that used to be rightly known as quality newspapers
have turned into unreadable rags. .. The realities Rove predicted have
infantilized parliamentary debates, current affairs discussion and lecture
events, and anything of a supposedly serious nature on TV. These now conform
to comic book simplicities of evil, heroes and baddies. ..

How could Rove's predictions so totally materialize? There's a simple answer:
'they' got away with momentous lies at an early stage. The more authorities
lie successfully the more they are likely to lie again in a big way to serve
the purposes of earlier lies. The 'they' stands for those individuals and
groups in the power system who operate beyond legal limits as a hydra-headed
entity, whose coordination depends on the project, campaign, mission, or
operation at hand. Those with much power got away with excessive extralegal
use of it since the beginning of this century because systems of holding the
powerful to account have crumbled on both sides of the Atlantic. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/gul4kry>
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The 'Post-Truth' Mainstream Media
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-27 19:32:08 UTC
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Ukraine's Problem is Ukraine

James D. Durso | January 24, 2017

Ukraine's government has hired Washington lobbyists <http://u.to/oAuvDw> to
fix its problems with the Trump Administration, but would do better to fix
its internal problems, instead. Ukraine's problems are in four categories: a
structural problem caused by the multiple overlapping entities involved in
military strategy and procurement; the absence of a unified strategic vision
for ordering equipment and supplies; a "Fifth Column" of pro-Russian
officials; and a staggering corruption that divides the self-interest of the
elites from the national interest. ..

In Ukraine, citizens are played for suckers: local militias fight to preserve
home and liberty (OS: ???), while the leaders focus on procedure, personal
prestige, and offshore bank accounts. Ukroboronprom is infamous
<http://u.to/-gyvDw> for selling arms to the black market, and domestic
contracts are given to factories <http://u.to/UQ2vDw> indirectly owned
<http://u.to/eg2vDw> by President Petro Poroshenko, who still hadn't divested
his business interests as he promised to do when he took office in 2014.

However, Ukraine's political leaders are not fiddling while their country
burns, they are busy stealing their military budgets -- nearly half, in the
estimate of a former Ukrainian senior military officer who requested not to be
identified. They reason that when the rest of Ukraine is swallowed up by
Russia, they will have a well-funded Plan B. ..

Complicating these issues is the presence of the Russian Fifth Column. Many
of the senior leadership -- military as well as political -- are loyal to
President Putin, and they work actively to undermine Ukrainian independence.

.. It is time for President Poroshenko, the Defense Minister, the Chief of
Staff and their deputies to put Ukraine's interests above their own, resign
their positions, and let someone who cares about defending Ukraine manage the
defense effort. (OS: LOL) .. Honest Ukrainian patriots should .. force out the
kleptocrats, and lead the reform. ..


The 'Fifth Column' narrative demands special clarification. The Ukraine was in
independent development since the end of the USSR, and the Ukraine officials
is overwhelmingly a product of solely domestic origin. Neither Yeltsyn in the
1990s nor Putin in the 2000s nor some else from Russia noticeably influenced
the appointment of officials in the country.

The reason for the 'Fifth Column' is that many in the Ukraine are somehow
linked to Russia and v.v., - and it's not about the officials, it's about the
population in general - and they aren't 'loyal to President Putin' personally.
About 8 millions of the Ukrainians (ie. about a third of the Ukrainian adults)
per year are visiting Russia in the recent years, mostly due to their work as
well as private and family affairs. The Ukraine was / is the N1 source of the
visitors in Russia. 0.5 million of the Ukrainians spent their summer 2016 time
in 'occupied' Crimea. The sick Atlanticist propaganda cannot recognize the
fact of the close natural connection between Russia and the Ukraine because it
would destroy their very basic lies. But if you staged an anti-democratic coup
in favor of minority then it's natural to obtain a huge 'Fifth Column' as a
result. Such a 'column' can be suppressed only by heavy hateful propaganda in
combination with regular intimidation and terror against the people - whether
it's performed by the neo-Nazi groups of through the draconian oppressive
laws. The American writer promotes misconception of 'pro-Russian officials'
(that allegedly owe something to Putin) obviously alluding to the idea that a
greater terror against the Fifth Column would be justified. All this indicates
the savagery anti-humanism and immorality of the Atlanticist propaganda and
illustrates how much sick and disgusting those notorious 'values' really are.
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Karl Rove's Prophecy
Oleg Smirnov
2017-02-01 10:13:57 UTC
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ALEPPO: Open Letter to French President Hollande ~ from Pierre Le Corf

Pierre Le Corf <https://twitter.com/pierrelecorf> | JANUARY 27, 2017

Mr President,

Today, I question all the values I have been raised with, the values of a
country I love, my country: France. I am writing to you as a French citizen
who arrived without any preconceived ideas in Syrian territory and lives in
what was previously known as Western Aleppo, now Aleppo. I am a politically
neutral humanitarian, and I have been here for a year.

The situation I am in is tough. ..

Today, the Syrian people stands united to fight not against the government but
against terrorist groups, no matter what we call them to hold them accountable
for their actions or the reason they have to exist. These terrorist groups are
named Al-jaïch al-hour (Free Syrian Army), Jabhat al-Nosra (or Fatah al-Cham,
branch of Al-Qaïda), Jaïch al-Islam, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, Brigade
Sultan Mourad, etc. An anti governmental opposition exists, as for every
government. This opposition is more or less peaceful, but represents a
minority of the population. Since the beginning of the conflict and until now,
almost all the forces on the ground that have kept bombarding Aleppo are armed
fighters belonging to terrorist groups.

I use the term « terrorist » because there are no rebels in Aleppo, at least
nothing that could allow us to consider them as such. It is irresponsible to
continue qualifying them as rebelsin Syria while we list them as terrorist
organizations in France. ..

I have evidence for everything I am writing. For months I have been gathering
the testimonies of civilians on video and on paper, independently of their
religion or political opinion and without any member of the military or
government around. I publish these testimonies and occasionally give them to a
UN Commission of Inquiry in charge of studying terrorist attacks and crimes,
while putting the commission in contact with witnesses. ..

Terrorist groups on the ground have never testified for their so called
«moderation » towards civilians. I saw with my own eyes that terrorists had
weapons and ammunitions that had been manufactured in diverse countries
including France, the United States, the United Kingdom or Saudi Arabia, to
name only a few of them. These weapons are used on a daily basis against
civilians of Eastern and Western Aleppo by recognized terrorist groups under
the banner of the Free Syrian Army. This group is majoritarily made of
jihadists that we try to picture as fighting for freedom. ..

I have met civilians who were displaced within the borders of the country, and
their testimonies are unanimous. In Eastern Aleppo, sharia law was enforced
through « islamic courts » conducted by fighters and Sheikhs who felt free to
detain, torture, execute arbitrarily, and marry children relying on the most
appropriate fatwa (religious decree) for the occasion. ..

Infrastructures, hospitals and schools were often used by these groups as
headquarters along with prisons and warehouses to station weapons. In one of
those schools, I was able to see that they were making chemical weapons with
products imported from foreign countries. In the past few months, when combats
were raging, I saw people who had been wounded by chlorine and their skin was
literally burning. ..

The « White Helmets » the French government financed among others like UK and
that we received at the Élysée are, for most of them, first aid workers by day
and terrorists by night, or vice versa. They pledge allegiance to Jabhat
al-Nosra (Al-Qaeda), as shown by documents found after their departure and as
civilians testify. The majority of their teams rescued fighters first, and
civilians every once in a while. ..

This past year has truly been the year of disinformation.

A fight for the « freedom » of the Syrian people. We use this catch-all word
without ever having defined or justified it. What freedom? Which Syrian
people? .. The political and social programs of these terrorist groups is in
complete opposition with freedom, democracy and our values or those of the
majority of countries around the world. ..

Mr President, we have, as other countries, a big responsibility in this war we
have attempted to end - term used to signify the overthrowing of the Syrian
government at all costs. These past few years we have, along with other
countries, taken part in the destruction of Syria, a country that is for a
large part francophone and whose people loves France. As far from perfection
its government might be, even if it made many mistakes across time - and
remember we did too - we are at the moment supporting the installation of a
true dictatorship in a country where a real opposition exists while armed
factions are motivated only by bigotry, frustration, resentment and hate. ..

Let's ask the Syrian people what they want for their country instead of
talking in their name ..
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Ukraine's Problem is Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2017-02-09 13:00:25 UTC
A poet, novelist, culturologist, philosopher, translator, PhD, Professor of
Cultural Studies Faculty of philosophy of Education National Pedagogical
Dragomanov University <http://clck.ru/AZMeS> (wikipaedia).

She participated actively in the Maidan protests, in 2014 the RFE/RL (the US
Congress funded and CIA-controlled news media for Russia's and post-Soviet
audience) advertised her poems glorifying 'Euromaidan' <http://clck.ru/AZMhq>

In 2015, the Ukrainian media presented her as 'the leader of the volunteer
movement to help soldiers in ATO' (ie. support to the military terror against
the people of Donbas) <http://clck.ru/AZMsH>

Here is what the silly woman is writing today.

<http://tinyurl.com/h6nlmjb> ukrainian blogs

My message is addressed that part of the Ukrainian intelligentsia who haven't
lost remnants of the common sense, my colleagues and like-minded people in the
kitchens (OS: The 'kitchens' is a popular, among the intelligentsia, cultural
reference to the Soviet-times totalitarianism, when it was impossible to say
openly what you think in public, and people discussed issues in the kitchens
of their private apartments.) .. And I know well that a huge number of people
do not agree with what's going on today in the country.

What I've been watching now: the fear and talks in the kitchen, half-whisper,
the cringe people call for caution and justify themselves by saying that they
have something to lose.

Why are you afraid to tell the truth? The simple truth is that in our country
there's a totalitarian regime. Just a dumb provincial, deceitful totalitarian
regime keen to prolong the war and making profit from that. They utilize the
soldiers for the sake of a cheap PR, and subject the civilians to repression.
Their bombing kills not so the separatists but rather women and children. See
lists of the dead from the morgue at a 2014. The censorship in the media, the
arrests of the dissidents. A total ban to discuss the war, of which the only
allowed thing is to say that it is 'Russian terrorist army'. ..

The Ukrainian government does not want peace and is willing to spend hundreds
of young men under the guise of the myths about 'liberation' and 'bravery' ..
The regime uses the far right extremists when it is necessary to remove the
dissidents. Why are you afraid to say that we were deceived on the Maidan, and
they used the democratic idea to bring the oligarchy to power? In a strange
combination with the Nazis. Yes, the Nazis, it's not a hyperbole. Don't you
know they disrupt the art exhibitions if the arts contain humanistic ideas? ..

.. and so on ..
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Ukraine's Problem is Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2017-03-13 19:37:10 UTC
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When 'Disinformation' Is Truth

Robert Parry | March 13, 2017

The anti-Russian McCarthyism that has spread out from the United States to
encompass the European Union, Canada and Australia has at its core an implicit
recognition that neoliberal economics and neoconservative foreign policy have

When I recently asked a European journalist why this anti-Russian hysteria had
taken root among mainstream European political parties, he answered with a
question: "Do you think they can run on their success in handling the
recession and the refugees?"

In other words, European voters are angry about the painful economic
conditions that followed the Wall Street crash of 2008 and the destabilizing
surge of immigrants fleeing from Western "regime change" wars in Iraq, Syria,
Libya and Afghanistan.

So, like the Democratic Party that doesn't want to engage in a soul-searching
self-examination about Donald Trump's victory, the European "establishment"
parties need a handy excuse to divert criticism - and that excuse is Russia, a
blame-shifting that has allowed nearly every recent criticism of an
establishment government official to be sloughed off as "Russian

It doesn't even matter anymore that the criticism may be based on solid fact.
Even truthful information is now deemed "Russian disinformation" or
Russian-inspired "fake news." ..
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Ukraine's Problem is Ukraine
Oleg Smirnov
2017-03-17 17:38:04 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/mcpbyzm> moonofalabama.org

Third Time's The Charm - These Neocons Want Another Sunni Insurgency

March 15, 2017

When the U.S. was confronted with an insurgency in Iraq it did not find fault
with own behavior but identified Syria and Iran as the culprits. It decided to
attack them too. As Seymour Hersh reported in 2007 <http://u.to/hvu4Dw>:

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration
has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East.
In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia's
government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to
weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S.
has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally
Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni
extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile
to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

Four years later the U.S. used the Sunni militants it created to first attack
Libya and then Syria. With U.S. support the militants destroyed the
independent Libyan state under Ghaddafi. The country is now in total chaos. In
Syria the militants, with clandestine support from the U.S. and its allies,
waged a six year long war to overthrow the government. Many of them joined the
Islamic State and al-Qaeda, the Takfiri offsprings of the U.S. program and
Saudi money that went (somewhat) rogue. These groups did not limit, as the
U.S. wished, their attacks to U.S. enemies but committed several larger scale
attacks against U.S. allied countries. Now the groups themselves are enemies.

The project of creating a controllable "Sunni Arab force" to destroy Syria had
failed. The Pentagon made another attempts, spending tens of millions of
dollars, to train a new Sunni Arab force in Syria to attack the Syrian
government as well as the Takfiris. As soon as these new groups entered into
Syria they joined the Takfiris and handed over the weapons the U.S. army had
given them. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/mcpbyzm>


The Muslim haters in the US are too stupid to recognize the links between such
policies and what directly causes their discomfort, which is similar to the
anti-immigrant European activists, among which, not everyone can understand
well the fact that 'the migrant crisis' is largely a result of the policies of
their grand Atlanticist patrons (the US and the UK).
CIA Honors Major Terrorist Financier For Successful Cooperation
Oleg Smirnov
2017-04-11 07:54:09 UTC
Meanwhile, a presidential election in South Ossetia has happened.



The breakaway republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia declared independence
from Georgia in the early 1990s. In August 2008, Georgia launched a military
offensive against South Ossetia. Trying to protect local residents, many of
whom had Russian citizenship, Russia sent troops to South Ossetia and engaged
in a five-day war with Georgia. As a result, Russia managed to expel Georgian
troops from the breakaway region and recognized independence of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia. Tbilisi does not recognize the republics' independence ..

Georgian (Sorosoyite outlet) article, day before the election 2017-04-09.


According to local election administration, 72 polling stations will be opened
in the region, while five more will function in other places, including three
in the Russian province of North Ossetia-Alania, one in Moscow, and another
one in Sokhum (OS: The Abkhazia's capital).
.. The election is going to be monitored by observers from the Russian
Federation, as well as from the regions of Abkhazia, Donbas, Nagorno-Karabakh
and Transnistria. ..


Three candidates are running in the polls: the incumbent Leonid Tibilov;
Parliamentary Chairman Anatoly Bibilov and the State Security Committee
(security service) (OS: KGB/FSB) officer Alan Gagloev. ..

Eduard Kokoity's Unsuccessful Comeback

An attempt by the former South Ossetian leader Eduard Kokoity to join the fray
was unsuccessful. .. Kokoity held protest rallies .. None of that has helped
him to become a candidate, however. Kokoity remains out of the race.

Moscow's Choice

Meanwhile, the Kremlin apparently knows who its favorite is.
On March 21 Vladimir Putin met with .. incumbent Leonid Tibilov in Moscow.
During the meeting, Putin wished Tibilov "good luck" ..

Will Russia Annex the Region?

All three candidates support the region's entry into the Russian Federation.

Bibilov said .. Tibilov, however, responded .. Gagloyev said that Russia
itself was not ready yet to make this decision, while people in Tskhinval
supported it.

<https://lenta.ru/news/2017/04/10/oset/> 2017-04-11

"Putin congratulated Mr. Bibilov on winning the presidential election."

58% Bibilov
30% Tibilov
11% Gagloyev

The Kremlin did not meddle into the democratic process in South Ossetia.

Putin met with Mr. Tibilov primarily because Tibilov was the current president
of South Ossetia at the time, which gave the Georgian analysts a reason to
misinterpret it as an indication of "Moscow' choice".

Simultaneously with the vote for the president there was a referendum in South
Ossetia to rename it to State of Alania, which was supported by voters 78% pro
vs 20% contra.

Read more about the Alan people <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alans>


Where Russia intervened, there's a decent democratic development and no more
wars, - but where the US / UK / EU intervened, there's now a chaos, extremism,
sectarian/ethnic hostilities, civil wars, refugees etc etc

About a half of the asylum seekers in the EU comes from Syria, Afghanistan and
Iraq - the places where the Atlanticist powers intervened in order to bring ..
Bring what exactly? Wars, extremism, sectarian/ethnic hostilities, ISIS ..

Even small European region of Kosovo, which population is less than 2 million,
still generates a large number of the asylum seekers, - many years after NATO
intervened savagely into the post-Yugoslavia mess.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Russia
Oleg Smirnov
2017-04-23 09:48:35 UTC

.. Why Eastern Europe Vehemently Opposes EU Migrant Policy

POLITICS | 20.04.2017

Eastern European countries continue to resist the EU's migrant policy
prompting bewilderment and irritation in Brussels. ..

Since it was believed that "internationalism" was exerted by the Soviet Union
upon its Eastern European satellites, the anti-Communist struggle backed by
Western Europe brought together nationalist parties and movements, Marakhovksy

"In the Eastern European states, the 'national memory institutes' were
established one after the other (they are present in Latvia and Poland,
and even in Ukraine.) forming whole 'empires' of bad memories, and
collecting evidence of crimes the Reds committed against 'national values',"
the journalist noted.

As a result, Western Europe facilitated the emergence of "xenophobic
democracies," he argues.

"By the 2000s, a sort of 'double-standard European morality' had emerged.
Western Europe was actively implementing tolerance and multiculturalism,
at the same time allowing xenophobic theories and practices to flourish in
the eastern part of the EU. Deprivation of 'Russian' citizenship in the
Baltic countries, the demolition of 'Russian' monuments in Poland, ethnic
cleansing in Croatia - all these, unthinkable in the West, was possible in
the East. Because it provided a reliable confrontation with Russia - the
heiress of the USSR," Marakhovksy elaborated.

At long last Brussels has faced with the consequences of its own policy.

The problem is that right-wing Eastern European regimes view the EU
multiculturalism and open-door policy as a new iteration of Communist-style
"internationalism," the journalist explained.

"And since the 'xenophobic democracy' was introduced in Eastern Europe
in order to effectively resist the 'Russian communism' one can say that
it is Russia to blame, again, for today's East European riot against
migrants," Marakhovksy said ironically.


No, it is not just about 'communism'. Basic Atlanticist strategy was/is to
keep Europe isolated from Russia regardless of any ideology. For the US,
the goal is to better keep West Europe in their vassalage, and the British
policymakers are especially jealous about Russia as well. Due to that, the
Atlanticism encouraged nationalist movements / tolerated extremist groups
in E.Europe, because it guaranteed that the east-European countries will be
better alienated from Russia. Such a policy culminated recently in the form
of 'western' support to the openly Nazist groups in the Ukraine. One of the
by-effects of such a policy is the fact that it's now impossible to force
the east-European regimes to take the refugees [in non-symbolic quantities].
The westerners have to manage this issue by themselves.

More irony is due to the fact that the refugees - most part of them comes
from Syria and Afghanistan - is also largely a product of the Atlanticist
interventionism, so the mainland westerners have to bear the brunt of the
consequences of the US/UK actions, - while the UK leaves the EU box timely,
and the new US government refuses to deal with the refugees etc etc
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-13 11:52:41 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hm3ndst> ukrainian outlet

In the three years since the adoption of the Yanukovich's 'dictatorial laws',
the power have restored similar restrictions, or proposed new restrictions,
and in some cases tightened previous laws.


Those who followed the Ukrainian events in the early 2014, would have to
remember that one of the 'arguments' about 'tyranny' was related to those
'draconian laws'. There was a big hysteria and a righteous indignation due to
those 'draconian laws'. The laws were adopted at the time when it became clear
that the violent protests came to frenzied insanity (thanks to the hateful
propaganda disseminated by a few Ukrainian outlets funded by the US and other
'western' powers) and something needs to be done with that.

Right after the anti-democratic / anti-constitutional coup, the news regime
in Kiev became more oppressive against 'dissidents' and 'dissenters', but
their oppression was implemented mainly in an informal way, by those far-right
neo-Nazi gangs, to which the 'formal' authorities as well as the 'western'
liberal mass media turned a blind eye.

Now the Kiev regime seeks for a way to rely less on the neo-Nazis and more on
the 'lawful' mechanisms of the state oppression, which is understandable since
the regime is now very unpopular, and their approval ratings are extremely
low. They are very much afraid of 'new' popular protests, and it explains why
the laws in the Ukraine become more 'draconian' in comparison to those
'Yanukovich's dictatorship', but this time the 'western' MSM do not fall into
hysterics and don't label the Kiev regime as 'tyranny'.

Read more about the regime here <https://goo.gl/g9wCXE>
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Moscow Court Rules Change in Power in Ukraine in 2014 Is Coup
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-13 11:52:45 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hy98y4v> consortiumnews.com

How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires

Daniel Lazare | January 11, 2017

.. Not since the Vietnam War, we can safely say, has an administration left a
region in ruins the way Obama has left the Middle East (although it's true
that George W. Bush contributed mightily to the mess).

But Obama has expanded the chaos outward from Bush's legacy wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, now including Libya, Syria and Yemen with ripple effects from the
refugee flows extending into Turkey and even into Europe. Terrorism is
exploding, entire nations have been reduced to war zones, while religious
sectarianism is raging out of control. ..

How did someone so charming and seemingly so progressive wreak such havoc? The
answer is through a combination of weakness, complacency, and taking the easy
way out. ..

Enlisting the Autocracies

But not only did Obama shield the other oil autocracies from criticism, but,
on the theory that only Arabs can solve Arab problems, he encouraged them to
become more active abroad. The results were uniformly disastrous. Despite
Al-Thani's well-established record as a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood
and similar forces <http://nyti.ms/2iehBX6>, Hillary Clinton spent much of
late March 2011 persuading him to take part in the U.S.-led military effort to
overthrow Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, according to an internal State
Department memo <http://bit.ly/1VMUc8n>. When he said yes, the Obama
administration was overjoyed.

But Al-Thani took advantage of the deal to distribute some $400 million
<http://bit.ly/2jFmVD3> to Salafist rebels in the form of machine guns,
automatic rifles, and ammunition <http://nyti.ms/1Nm2sGt> so that they could
do to Libya what an earlier generation of U.S.-backed jihadis had done to
Afghanistan, i.e. reduce it to chaos.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Sunni-run states responded the same way when the
U.S. invited them to fund the uprising against Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad,
an Alawite, a branch of Shi'a Islam. These "friends of Syria" channeled
billions of dollars in aid <http://nyti.ms/1lFjit3> to Salafist rebels
determined to impose Saudi-style fundamentalism.

In August 2012, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency warned
<http://bit.ly/2emPjIC> that Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda
were "the major forces driving the insurgency," that rebels were seeking to
establish a "Salafist principality in eastern Syria," and that "western
countries, the gulf states, and Turkey are supporting these efforts" in order
to counter the Shi'ite threat.

In September 2014, Clinton wrote <http://bit.ly/2el8IbQ> in an email that
Saudi Arabia and Qatar were "providing clandestine financial and logistic
support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups" while Vice President Joe Biden
admitted the same thing a month later at a talk at Harvard's Kennedy School:

A Spreading Fire

Yet President Obama did nothing to stop this pouring of gasoline on this
regional sectarian war. Rather than tamping down the sectarianism, the U.S.
facilitated its spread. ..


The American policymakers intentionally supported incitement of sectarian
hatred in the Middle East. This is itself a sort of crime against humanity.
The incitement of sectarian hatred in the Ukraine, that led to the
anti-democratic coup and to establishment of the oppressive regime in the
country is also largely the result of such a 'promotion of democracy'.

The ME flame is the main reason why Europe has to take in more immigrants.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Moscow Court Rules Change in Power in Ukraine in 2014 Is Coup
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-16 14:32:46 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hsoubav> welt.de

Trump confused Tusk and Juncker

"I've talked to the head of the European Union, a very pleasant gentleman
called me": the future US President Donald Trump does not even know the names
of the EU leaders. Poor Europe.


All these European aborigines look alike and the same.

Simply difficult to tell who is who.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-28 02:07:33 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/jo4rcs5> lowyinstitute.org

.. For all of the high internationalist rhetoric, the European Union is a
protectionist club <http://clck.ru/AWVL4> that has devastated the economies of
some of the poorest countries in the world, especially in Africa. ..
Since the Brexit vote, many countries around the world have declared an
interest in forging trade agreements with the UK. <http://clck.ru/AWVNp> ..
Putting aside his many faults, Donald Trump has committed to putting Britain
at the front of the queue <http://clck.ru/AWVP7>. Trump's election, in some
ways, provides a unique opportunity for the British government. Unlike recent
US presidents, Trump is not committed to the EU project; indeed, he has
expressed his open disdain for it <http://clck.ru/AWVPN>. He, therefore, will
not be concerned about damaging relations with the EU by forging a strong
trade deal with the United Kingdom; he might even seek to sign a favourable
deal with the UK in order to embarrass the EU. ..
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Trump confused Tusk and Juncker
Oleg Smirnov
2017-03-26 22:43:19 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/lxoonul> independent.co.uk

Donald Trump printed out made-up £300bn Nato invoice and handed it to Angela

President estimated Germany's underspend on alliance over the past 12 years,
then added interest

Rebecca Flood | 2017-03-26

.. Mr Trump reportedly instructed aides to calculate how much German spending
fell below two per cent over the past 12 years, then added interest.

Estimates suggest the total came to £300bn, with official figures citing the
shortfall to be around £250bn plus £50bn in interest added on. ..


This is a natural addition to the US-made refugees.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Trump confused Tusk and Juncker
Oleg Smirnov
2017-04-07 20:01:39 UTC

US airstrike on Syrian base a show of force

Global Times | 2017/4/7

.. The US military attack on Friday took place despite no definitive results
from the investigation by an international organization, and was carried out
in the absence of a UN Security Council resolution. The Trump administration
wasted little time in striking its targets, marking a stark contrast with its

The US' decision to attack the Assad government is a show of force from the US
president. He wants to prove that he dares to do what Obama dared not. He
wants to prove to the world that he is no "businessman president" and that he
will use US military force without hesitation when he considers it necessary.

US military action opens the door for other direct foreign military attacks on
the Assad government, a signal that outside interference in Syria is rapidly
escalating. Before US airstrike, Assad's forces had gained an obvious
advantage in the civil war, but foreign military interference could change the

The US military strikes could lead to a "falling out" between the US and
Russia. Conflict between the two countries will once again emerge.

Not too long ago, Trump said that simultaneously attacking the Islamic State
and the Syrian government would be foolish. But now he has ordered an attack
despite affording himself only a narrow window in which to make his decision.
This is Trump's first major move in international affairs, and it leaves an
impression that the decision was made in haste and is not without

Neither Russia nor Iran will remain silent on the attack nor sit idly by and
accept the fallout. The Syrian civil war is entering a new phase. More
refugees will flee the region and Europe may have to pay the price.

Read more <http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1041329.shtml>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
Donald Trump printed out made-up £300bn Nato invoice and handed it to Angela
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-16 16:02:11 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hh5ubep> thehindu.com

Respite, not reconciliation

Vijay Prashad | JANUARY 10, 2017

.. For the past five years, the main slogan from the Syrian opposition and its
Gulf Arab, Turkish and Western allies was 'Assad Must Go'. It now turns out
that the government of Bashar al-Assad will remain. ..

Direct Western military intervention was curtailed - thanks to the fiasco in
Iraq .. Regime change in Libya and its disastrous aftermath closed the door
for a UN authorisation for war on Syria. By 2012, this meant that the Assad
government could not be easily defeated. The policy shifted from direct
overthrow to a much more cynical use of power. Covert shipments of arms went
to rebels of various stripes to help delegitimise the government. Al-Qaeda and
other extremist groups came ..

The West miscalculated. On September 22, 2016, U.S. Secretary of State John
Kerry .. indicated that the U.S. had watched the growth of IS, and had hoped
to use it as a bargaining chip against the Assad government. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/hh5ubep>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-20 02:25:49 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/hfhgk8q> lefigaro.fr

Eric Delbecque | 17/01/2017

.. The Democrat's president is finalizing his second term by amplifying the
perception of the disastrous record of the US foreign policy in the 21
century. After 2003, Uncle Sam continued to appear as a power which is unable
to understand the rest of the planet, multiplying opportunities for
geopolitical instability rather than trying to appease them. The unilateralist
obsession of the White House with George W. Bush and the neoconservatives was
blamed, but the Democrats had no intention of breaking with the bad habits ..

What do the Americans offer to the rest of the world? To contribute to the
comfort of the United States ... Instead of being a peacemaking leader, they
exacerbate global fractures by refusing to consider the legitimate aspirations
of peoples to retain strategic independence and ideological autonomy. The same
logic of subordination appears in the economic field. ..

It is not a question of privileging Russia over the US, of "preferring" Putin
to Obama or Trump, but of ceasing to stick to the wheel of the Americans and
ending this permanent moralistic posture while international politics requires
nuance and consideration of long-term equilibrium (while spontaneous emotions
make us vulnerable to manipulation of information and influence operations) ..

The sclerosis of the Uncle Sam's diplomatic and security thinking negatively
affects the entire planet. Barack Obama was a magnificent symbol that aroused
an immense hope, but his political testament brings a disillusionment.

Post by Oleg Smirnov
How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires
Oleg Smirnov
2017-01-26 05:03:25 UTC

<http://tinyurl.com/jzt2crc> medium.com

The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace

Tulsi Gabbard | 2017-01-23

As much of Washington prepared for the inauguration of President Donald Trump,
I spent last week on a fact-finding mission in Syria and Lebanon to see and
hear directly from the Syrian people. .. It is clear now more than ever: this
regime change war does not serve America's interest, and it certainly isn't in
the interest of the Syrian people.

I traveled throughout Damascus and Aleppo, listening to Syrians from different
parts of the country. I met with displaced families from the eastern part of
Aleppo, Raqqah, Zabadani, Latakia, and the outskirts of Damascus. I met Syrian
opposition leaders who led protests in 2011, widows and children of men
fighting for the government and widows of those fighting against the
government. I met Lebanon's newly-elected President Aoun and Prime Minister
Hariri, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard, Syrian President Assad,
Grand Mufti Hassoun, Archbishop Denys Antoine Chahda of Syrian Catholic Church
of Aleppo, Muslim and Christian religious leaders, humanitarian workers,
academics, college students, small business owners, and more.

Their message to the American people was powerful and consistent: There is no
difference between "moderate" rebels and al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) or ISIS - they
are all the same. This is a war between terrorists under the command of groups
like ISIS and al-Qaeda and the Syrian government. They cry out for the U.S.
and other countries to stop supporting those who are destroying Syria and her
people. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/jzt2crc>
Post by Oleg Smirnov
How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires
Oleg Smirnov
2017-04-11 05:51:04 UTC

.. 'Syria Civil Defense' Caught Faking Rescues, Doctoring Dead Children ..

MIDDLE EAST | 10.04.2017

The Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) has accused the Syria Civil
Defense, better known as the White Helmets, of falsifying information about
its alleged work in Syria. According to the Swedish human rights activists,
so-called "rescue" procedures captured in White Helmets videos had been
staged; they were carried out on a dead child.

SWEDHR findings have raised serious questions about the ethical integrity of
the White Helmets regarding the anti-medical procedures they advertise in
their videos. They behaved as war criminals when they used dead children for
propaganda purposes when staging fake rescue attempts, Professor Marcello
Ferrada de Noli wrote in the Indicter magazine. <http://clck.ru/Awbd9>. ..

Post by Oleg Smirnov
The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace
Oleg Smirnov
2017-06-14 21:14:09 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>



According to the research carried out by the Sociological Group "Rating", more
than 60% of the polled stated the worsening of their financial situation over
the last year .. More than 60% cannot afford to pay the bills for housing and
communal services .. (97%) of the respondents have personally experienced the
higher prices for consumer goods and services this year.

According to 65% of the respondents, the main reasons for the current
socio-economic situation in the country are corruption and incompetence of the
current government. ..

85% of the respondents agree with the thesis that Ukraine today is in a state
of chaos (10% - disagree, 4% - undecided), in a state of collapse - 75% agree
(17% - disagree, 7% - undecided) ..

70% of the polled believe that the situation now prevailing in Ukraine could
lead to massive nationwide protests ..


Everything is not good, and it will be worse.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. 'Syria Civil Defense' Caught Faking Rescues, Doctoring Dead Children ..
Oleg Smirnov
2017-06-17 04:26:46 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y8puhll5> strategic-culture.org

.. The problem of Islamic terrorism has become a subject of focussed attention
for European and American citizens because of frequent attacks. Security
agencies are incapable of preventing terrorist attacks from the same elements
they have for years funded and supported as part of their anti-Iranian and
anti-Syrian strategy. .. Citizens, increasingly frightened and angry with
their governments for the lack of security, are beginning to realize that the
extremists receive their financial support from the Gulf countries, who are
known to be in business with many European capitals. The last thing that the
governments of France, Italy, Germany, the UK and the US want is the
revelation that they are in league with Islamic terrorism for geopolitical
purposes. ..

Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-06-21 05:42:29 UTC

"Case of Lisa F": the defendant has been sentenced to a suspended term


24-year-old Berlin resident Ismet S., accused of aggravated sexual abuse
of a minor, was sentenced to one year and nine months' suspended
imprisonment and a fine of 3,000 euros ..


'Case of Lisa' has become close to a kind of tiresome morning prayer of
the Atlanticist propaganda. They put it everywhere regardless of relevance.
Here's, for example, NATO righteous rants <http://clck.ru/BKDDY>.

More balanced description in the wikipaedia <http://clck.ru/BKDHz>.

It happened in the community of the Germans of Russia origin in Berlin.
2016-01-12, a teenage girl, about 14 year old, after a day of absence,
came home in a disheveled state and said that she was kidnapped and raped
by three men of 'southern' appearance. Her parents said she came with a
scratched face, blood on her lips and a bruise on her nose, without money
etc. Before she appeared, her parents had already managed to sound the
alarm in the local community and file her disappearance to the police.

Subsequent events created 'the case'.

The police interrogated the girl a few times in a forcible isolation from her
parents. Then they called parents in and said them roughly 'shame on you, your
daughter is such a liar'. In such a situation, the parents, relatives, friends
suspected that something goes wrong. There's a known situation with regard to
British Rotherham. Besides that, shortly before the Lisa case the New Year Eve
sexual assaults happened in Cologne and the police were proven to be initially
reluctant. Besides that, German [perverted] left were known to have specific
links to paedophile rings previously. Combination of these items gave the
people a reason to suspect that the police seek to burke the investigation.

So a few local protests happened in the area. The case was enthusiastically
picked up by anti-immigrant groups. Their narrative was that it's likely the
refugees did it (however, the girl's family didn't claim anything about the
refugees nor about specific ethnicity of the alleged rapists). After all, in
the end it became clear that the teenage girl invented the kidnapping and rape
in her fantasy. However, she did it not from scratch. It turned out that about
a few months ago she became a victim of a sexual manipulation by a German
paedophile man of Turkish ethnicity (see the link above), and such a traumatic
experience contributed to her lies / fantasies.

What does 'Russian propaganda' have to do with it?

The 'Russian German' community in the present day Germany was formed due to
migration of the Germanic people from the post-Soviet space to Germany. It's
a specific community (for example, some of them tend to demand from the
Russian government to restore German Republic in the Volga region as a member
of the Russian federation). Anyway, these people keep links to Russia and to
other post-Soviet states, many of them have relatives and friends in Russia,
many have dual German and Russian citizenship. So at the initial stage it
turned out that the Russian outlets were the only ones who told about the
case and gave the floor to the representatives of the family and the concerned
local community. So far as the police refused to comment on the case, these
people were the only source, - and they sincerely believed their narrative.

'Russian propaganda' can be certainly blamed for a lack of professionalism, as
they picked up the believable narrative but didn't take enough care of proper
reservations. However, it was certainly not a pre-planned deliberate 'attack'
on the German government, as the Atlanticist propaganda misrepresents it now.
The Russian media gave the floor to the people to whom the German authorities
and police refused to talk in a decent way with regard to the case. If the
German authorities weren't so obsessed with what may turn out to be
politically incorrect etc, if the police investigators were less rough and
arrogant then the family and their local community would not have suspicions.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-07-23 08:09:27 UTC

.. In Brussels, the European Union sounded an alarm about the U.S. moves to
step up sanctions on Russia, urging Washington to coordinate with its Group of
7 partners.

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, warned of possibly "wide and
indiscriminate" "unintended consequences," notably on the EU's efforts to
diversify energy sources away from Russia. ..


The Euromorons should have thought something in the 2014.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-07-30 00:33:52 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/ycj845d2> buzzfeed.com

Russia Would Very Much Like You To Visit Crimea, Please

"Seize the day."

Rose Troup Buchanan | July 25, 2017

Several (OS: It means 'two'.) Russian embassies are encouraging tourists to
visit Crimea.

Russia in USA | @RusEmbUSA
880 thousands of Ukrainian tourists visited Crimea in 2016
As they say, better once to see, than 100 times to hear ...
05:42 PM - 23 Jul 2017 <http://durl.me/f48jpi>

The pitch in one tweet from the Russian embassy in Canada implored English-
speakers to "seize the day" and book a trip now.

Russia in Canada | @RussianEmbassyC
880,000 Ukrainians visited Crimea in 2016.
Seize the day, book a tour to see this beautiful peninsula for yourself
03:12 PM - 24 Jul 2017 <http://durl.me/f48m7c>

That's slightly awkward because the Russian government took control of the
region from Ukraine in 2014 in a move that was condemned internationally.
(OS: The US and its European lackeys doesn't mean 'internationally' as such.)

Pro-Russian Crimean leadership called for a referendum on Russian
reunification in March of that year - and 95% of the population voted in
favor. (OS: 97% of those who came to the voting stations - 83% of the total
number of voters - voted so, while a small pro-coup minority largely just
ignored the referendum. In the terms of 'population', it means no less than
80% of the population voted for the reunification. Later, independent polls
<http://clck.ru/BXFzK> confirmed this number well.)

But the referendum's result was condemned by the West and the crisis in
Ukraine only spiraled further out of control. (OS: 'Western' unwise refusal to
recognize the reality significantly contributed to the crisis, of course. And
the ongoing unwise stubbornness of 'the west' about recognizing their mistakes
and misdeeds also contributes to the further development of the crisis. In the
Ukraine case, 'the west' has no civilized option other than to recognize their
mistakes and try to compensate it in some way.)

After the Crimea referendum, Russia-backed rebels in the east began pushing to
separate from the federal government, launching a war that led to a crisis
that has cost thousands of lives. (OS: 'Rebels in the east' initially did not
do anything much different against what the Maidan rebels did before the coup,
- to 'western' applause btw. The self-imposed post-coup 'government' launched
the war in order to suppress the anti-coup protest movement in the east by a
brute military force.) The US and EU have squared up against Russian President
Vladimir Putin over Russian military support for the rebels, levying economic
sanctions against Russia in response. (OS: Russian support for the rebels is
humanitarian. As the 'new' Kiev, the Obama admin and the Euromorons chose to
brazenly ignore the legitimate interest of the east-Ukrainian people, Russia
is the only power they can rely on.) More than three years later, Russia still
has total control of Crimea. (OS: It's not 'still', it will be forever.)

Despite this, both the embassies in Canada and the US claim in their tweets
that around 880,000 Ukrainians visited Crimea last year. (OS: There's nothing
strange that the Russia's embassies advertize the fact that so many Ukrainians
are currently visiting Crimea, - it simply means that Crimea welcomes regular
Ukrainian tourists in the peninsula, as well as everybody else.)

Prior to the Russian occupation (OS: No, it's not an occupation.), Ukrainians
did form roughly 67% of Crimea's tourism industry. Now, not so much. (OS: It's
natural, since the Ukrainians in average have become about twice poorer after
the anti-democratic coup in their country, whereas Crimea has adjusted itself
to the Russian prices, which were noticeably higher against the Ukrainian ones
even before the anti-democratic violent regime change in the Ukraine, unwisely
and immorally backed by the US and EU.)

In the years after the invasion (OS: No, there was no invasion.), the number
of Ukrainians visiting has plummeted - although reliable data on exact figures
is hard to come by. Meanwhile, even the number of Russians visiting the Crimea
could go down as much as 15-25%, according to some tourism websites. (OS: Some
decrease in flow of the Russian tourists to Crimea in this year is due to the
fact that now Turkey is again available to the Russians after the known crisis
in the Russia-Turkey affairs.)

And internationally, most Western nations - including the US and major
European countries - warn their citizens against all but essential travel to
the region. (OS: Simply f*ck those who speak on behalf of 'Western nations'.)

Which is less than great in Moscow's eyes, because Crimea needs the money.
(OS: Everybody needs the money, but the fact that the Russia's embassies tell
about Crimea is not about money, of course. In the current situation, the
foreign tourists could not cause a significant impact on the Crimean budget
anyway. However, they can see firsthand what's going on in Crimea.)

The local economy was damaged (OS: It's a wishful thinking.) by the occupation
(OS: It's not an occupation, again.), and although Russia promised in 2016 to
invest 680 billion roubles (roughly $13 billion) into the region by 2020, many
businesses who relied on tourism are struggling. (OS: A wishful thinking.) The
gaudy centerpiece of Russian funding is a bridge linking mainland Russia with
Crimea. It's not finished yet. (OS: It will be finished in time, - nothing to
worry about.)

Finally, the tweets link to a tourism website (available in Russian, English,
and Chinese) that lists a whole load of activities you can try while you're
out there. There's also an extensive FAQ section ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/ycj845d2>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Seldon, Hari
2017-07-30 07:31:31 UTC
Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ycj845d2> buzzfeed.com
Russia Would Very Much Like You To Visit Crimea, Please
"Seize the day."
Rose Troup Buchanan | July 25, 2017
Several (OS: It means 'two'.) Russian embassies are encouraging tourists to
visit Crimea.
I would very much like to go there, if only to separate facts from
propaganda. And as far as I am concerned, the Crimea is russian territory.

Apart from that, the Crimea has an immense strategic value and Russia
would commit strategic suicide if it gave the peninsula away.

Of course Europa and the USA would like that very much and it obviously
shapes their propaganda.
Oleg Smirnov
2017-08-09 21:48:42 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/yagpcxhf> bild.de

What is the cuddling course with Putin, Mr. Lindner? ..

Berlin - FDP leader Christian Lindner (38) has been criticized since the
weekend, because he wants to accept the illegal occupation of the Ukrainian
Crimea by Russia for the time being .

BILD reached him yesterday at the airport in Milan.

PICTURE: Mr Lindner, you can say, for the Kremlin it was a very good weekend.
What is your completely surprising kuschelkurs with Putin?

Christian Lindner: "There is no cuddle course. We do not want to relax a
sanction without consideration. But I do not think that an escalation spiral
and an armament contest are threatening. The signal to Moscow should be that
Russia has a place in the House of Europe, if it is again the house rules. As
long as this is not the case, there can be no cooperation. I do not know if
there is a readiness in Moscow to change course. I know, however, that he
would not start with the big questions, but with the small ones. That should
be examined. " ..


Hey, Euromorons, Russia is *not* a Europe.

Russia does *not* need 'a place in the House of Europe'.

Russia may be interested to keep a peace/trade with Europe, but it's in no
way interested to join the 'house of Europe' and whatever the the proto-
and post-Nazi European scum could make up in their unhealthy imaginations.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-09-04 20:21:23 UTC

Fuck the EU, fuck the Nazi Euroscum.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-09-10 12:20:54 UTC

Angela Merkel has compared the Crimea with the GDR

paradox | 10.09.2017

.. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has compared the history of occurrence of
the Crimea Peninsula part of Russia with the history of the unification of
Germany. An interview with the politician was published in the newspaper
Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung. The Chancellor believes that the
issue of Crimea can not "freeze".

- If I, for example, you hear that you just need to recognize the Russian
annexation of the Crimea, I think: what would have happened if us then in East
Germany would be such an attitude, under the motto "Germany divided, there is
nothing to change, - said Angela Merkel in an interview with Frankfurter
Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung. ..


Merkel [deliberately?] have used very bogus and inappropriate analogy. Anyone
who is familiar with [non-perverted] knowledge of the regional history would
agree that Crimea is Russia, - now also formally, and not only in fact.
There's absolutely no doubt that Crimea will remain to be Russia, as well as
there's no doubt that it would never go back to the 'new' post-Ukraine, simply
because the overwhelming majority of people that are living in Crimea would
not like it.

The politicians like Merkel are forced to resort to hypocritical lamentations
in order to save face, because they approved the violent unlawful coup in the
Ukraine, and recognized the anti-constitutional usurpers of power in the
country after the coup. Such politicians will not only have to put up with the
fact that Crimea is Russia. Sooner or later they will certainly have to
recognize the fact that they - the shoddy 'community of values' - supported
and approved the trampling of democracy and the rule of law in a European
country, and then an initiation of a civil war there. In the long run, there's
absolutely no way to preserve the lies and the false semblance of morality the
Atlanticist and European propaganda used to misrepresent the Ukraine events, -
and the earlier they understand this, the better it will be for everyone.
Videos from the Crimean beaches

Seldon, Hari
2017-09-10 14:42:25 UTC
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Angela Merkel has compared the Crimea with the GDR
paradox | 10.09.2017
.. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has compared the history of
occurrence of
the Crimea Peninsula part of Russia with the history of the unification of
Germany. An interview with the politician was published in the newspaper
Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung. The Chancellor believes that the
issue of Crimea can not "freeze".
- If I, for example, you hear that you just need to recognize the Russian
annexation of the Crimea, I think: what would have happened if us then
in East Germany would be such an attitude, under the motto "Germany divided,
Merkel is the best politician of the last fifty years, and I really like
her. But on this point she is way off the mark.

Not only is the Crimea traditionally russian, it also would be
strategical suicide for any russian nation, either communist, democrat
or oligarchic, to let it go.

So stop posting bullshit.
Oleg Smirnov
2017-07-25 18:20:16 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y8ryen6g> clarityofsignal.com

.. Definitive Chronological Timeline Video of Ukrainian War ..
.. Between 2013 and 2017, the Watch Dog Media Institute compiled and archived
the largest known video volumes of first-person video related to the Ukraine
war, as well as the largest and most substantial amount of all mainstream
media footage related to such. ..


So far, 17 videos, one-two hours each, quite a spectacular sight.

Post by Oleg Smirnov
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvptvwx> ratinggroup.ua <http://archive.is/Ypqfl>
Oleg Smirnov
2017-07-29 21:01:33 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y83987ws> france24.com

'The whole thing stinks': Saakashvili slams Ukraine ..

.. Speaking to FRANCE 24 from the US, where he is currently on a visit,
Saakashvili accused Poroshenko of corruption. "Poroshenko has been doing more
than enough to help corruption together with his fellow oligarchs," he said.

"The whole thing stinks," he added, accusing Poroshenko of behaving exactly
like his predecessor, former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, who was
close to Moscow before he was ousted in 2014. "It's reminiscent of what
Yankovich did... Poroshenko is replicating exactly what Yanukovich did. One
has to remind him that Yanukovich finished very badly."


Poroshenko stinks indeed.

Saakashvili stinks too, - he's wanted at home, in Georgia, for domestic
crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with 'Russia' or to other things
the 'western' public might have in their ignorant imagination. Saakashvili's
crimes is a well know fact, and the post-coup Kiev regime knew it well when
they granted the Ukrainian citizenship to him. Now they claim that he was
deprived of the Ukrainian citizenship for the fact that he hid his Georgian
criminal records when applying for citizenship.

France24 stinks too, when they claim that Yanukovich was 'ousted' whereas he
was removed from power as a result of an anti-democratic violent 'regime
change', backed by the Obama administration as well as by the Euromorons.

The whole 'community of values' (Merkel) stinks big time: they have 'changed'
- in an unlawful, violent way, - absolutely legitimate and democratically
elected (and moderately corrupt) government in the country with a profoundly
corrupt illegitimate 'government', and soon they might be unable to know what
to do about it.

It's what happens when the degenerative 'community of values' tries to pick
a rotten shit up and fashion out of it something like a fetishist 'democracy'
they would like.
Democracy, rule of law thrown under bus by Ukraine dictator Poroshenko
Oleg Smirnov
2017-11-28 14:54:07 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y87a8prz> obozrevatel.com

"The main and only real problem for the Ukraine is its pro-Russian,
Ukrainophobic population; what to do with it is a matter of strategy
and tactics. .."

One of the mainstream Ukrainian outlets is citing a prominent MP.
According to him (the link above), the strategy and tactics against the
Russia-friendly Ukrainians should be: deprivation of their right to vote
for 10 years, prohibition of access to any Russian media, enforced
reeducation on the basis of 'pro-Ukrainian' propaganda. He calls the
Russia-friendly people in the Ukraine 'cockroaches' and argues that it's
absurd to talk about cockroaches' rights, 'special regimes' (a reference
to the Minsk accord), the only thing may be relevant towards them is 'the
dichlorvos, and once more, a lot of the dichlorvos'.

That's a sort of people that have usurped power in the Ukraine after the
anti-democratic anti-constitutional coup in the country in February 2014.
Statements like the above are business as usual in the post-coup regime,
one or another politician speaks out regularly something like this, and
the Ukrainian media report it. That's exactly your Nazi shit, westerners,
although your MSM don't report such statements because they don't fit the
false narratives the MSM promotes about the Ukraine.

One day Russia'll have to finish what the USSR hadn't finished in 1945.


One more representative rant from the mainstream Ukrainian TV.

We'd need the situation in Crimea to worsen, because we need to teach a
lesson to all those separatists. But the opposite is true. The Ukrainians
go on summer vacation in Crimea, they support the economy of the occupied
territories, we need to work harder to persecute them. Many Ukrainian
businessmen, even our officials, run their private business in Crimea.
Many various people from the Ukraine visit Crimea, they see the Crimeans
are now living much better than the people in the Ukraine. It's not good.


Fuck the American and west-European Nazi scum.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. Definitive Chronological Timeline Video of Ukrainian War ..
Oleg Smirnov
2017-12-27 22:36:31 UTC
Learn about state sponsorship of terrorism by U.S. government.

<https://tinyurl.com/ybfdjzsv> consortiumnews.com

Did Barack Obama arm ISIS? The question strikes many people as absurd, if
not offensive. How can anyone suggest something so awful about a nice guy
like the former president? But a stunning report
<http://www.conflictarm.com/publications/> by an investigative group known
as Conflict Armament Research (CAR) leaves us little choice but to conclude
that he did. .. This is damning stuff since it makes it clear that rather
than fighting ISIS, the U.S. government was feeding it. ..

<http://tinyurl.com/y85kh6js> nbcnews.com

ISIS weapons .. purchased by U.S. government

<http://tinyurl.com/ybyrgh2t> newsweek.com


<http://tinyurl.com/y9v3td6c> newsweek.com


<http://tinyurl.com/y9uyu5n5> newsweek.com

Post by Oleg Smirnov
"The main and only real problem for the Ukraine is its pro-Russian,
Ukrainophobic population ..
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-04 06:48:13 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y8eusdse> financialtribune.com

January 04, 2018

New Pipeline Doubles Russian Oil Supply to China

An extension of the East Siberia - Pacific Ocean oil pipeline between Russia
and China started operating on Jan. 1, doubling the export volumes from 15 to
30 million tons annually, or almost 220 million barrels.

According to China's state news agency Xinhua, the extension, agreed in 2013,
would serve China's Belt and Road initiative for expanding China's regional
influence in Asia, Oil Price reported. ..

<http://tinyurl.com/y8ppgxzb> bloomberg.com

Russia-China Oil Friendship Makes Crude Costlier for Europe

Serene Cheong | January 3, 2018

Europe's set to be stuck with a higher oil bill as Russia shifts more of its
supply to the Chinese oil market. .. Russia supplied 5.12 million tons of
crude to China in November, official customs data show, the equivalent of
about 1.3 million barrels per day. It also aims to start natural gas sales via
the Power of Siberia pipeline by December 2019. ..


US vassals in Europe will pay more for US policies one more time.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Learn about state sponsorship of terrorism by U.S. government.
2018-01-04 06:56:36 UTC
Post by Oleg Smirnov
US vassals in Europe will pay more for US policies one more time.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Learn about state sponsorship of terrorism by U.S. government.
gotta stop it rite now
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-06 07:14:06 UTC
Watch these Russian fake news propaganda videos.

"Crimean Land Bridge Nears Completion"

Bonus track

Post by Oleg Smirnov
Russia-China Oil Friendship Makes Crude Costlier for Europe
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-06 11:44:07 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/ybvaejjv> world.24-my.info

The German foreign Minister accused the United States, China and Russia in
ignoring the EU

Sigmar Gabriel, said that these countries do not respect the European Union

January 6th, 2018

Russia, China and the USA do not respect the EU, said the foreign Minister of
Germany, Sigmar Gabriel .. (OS: The interview to the Spiegel is here

"Moscow, Beijing and Washington have one thing in common: they absolutely do
not appreciate the European Union. They ignore it," said he.

He added that before Germany could count on France, Britain and the United
States, however due to the fact that Washington is losing ground on the world
stage, a political vacuum was filled by other forces. ..


The EU-cracy chose to play a zero-sum game and backed anti-democratic coup in
the Ukraine, and now these delusional people are trying to self-hypnotize
themselves by prattling about 'values' (as if it might give them an excuse).
Post by Oleg Smirnov
"Crimean Land Bridge Nears Completion"
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-07 13:31:14 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y76xns52> politico.eu

EU takes billion-euro battle to Russia

The European Union is now pressing to claw back €1.4 billion each year from
Moscow, arguing that the Kremlin unlawfully banned imports of pork meat from
Europe .. Moscow justified the measures as a response to cases of African
swine fever in Poland and Lithuania. .. Dealt a heavy blow to farmers in
Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. ..


There's enough meat in Russia (eg. <http://clck.ru/CUpaK>), and the EU's
aspiration to coerse Russians to buy European meat infected with the African
swine fever rather illustrates those shoddy 'European values'.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
The German foreign Minister accused the United States, China and Russia in
ignoring the EU
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-10 06:51:35 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/ycj52ras> truepublica.org.uk

Who is the world's leading environmental vandal? The answer may surprise you
Which living person has done most to destroy the natural world and the future
wellbeing of humanity? Donald Trump will soon be the correct answer, when the
full force of his havoc has been felt. But for now I would place another name
in the frame. Angela Merkel.

What? Have I lost my mind? Angela Merkel, the "climate chancellor"? ..

.. But the Earth's systems do not respond to mission statements or speeches or
targets. They respond to hard fact. What counts, and should be judged, as she
seeks a fourth term as German Chancellor in the elections on Sunday, is what
is done, not what is said. On this metric her performance has been a planetary
disaster. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/ycj52ras>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
The German foreign Minister accused the United States, China and Russia in
ignoring the EU
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-12 11:54:25 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/yby6wbse> bsnews.info

US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World's Dictatorships

Whitney Webb | November 29, 2017

About three-quarters of the world's dictatorships currently receive military
assistance from the United States. This is a strange record for a nation that
consistently justifies its sweeping foreign interventions as aimed at
"promoting democracy" and "thwarting evil dictatorships." .. Current analysis
shows the U.S. militarily assisting dictators the world over, calling it
"promoting democracy," and disingenuously wondering why it's all going so

For much of its history, the United States government has explained or
defended its intervention in the affairs of other nations by framing such
behavior as necessary to "promote democracy" abroad and to thwart the advance
of "evil dictators." While the use of those phrases has hardly dwindled over
the years, establishment figures have been forced to admit in recent years
that the U.S.' democracy promotion efforts haven't gone quite as planned.

For instance, last year, Foreign Policy published an article headlined "Why is
America So Bad at Promoting Democracy in Other Countries?" There, Harvard
professor Stephen M. Walt noted that most of the U.S.' democracy promotion
efforts abroad end in failure, with nearly a quarter of the world's
democracies having been degraded in the past 30 years. Though Walt blames the
U.S.' muddled history of military interventions for failing to spread
democracy, a new analysis suggests that the reason for this troubling trend is
not that democracy wasn't promoted the "right" way, but rather that democracy
was never meant to be promoted at all.

By the numbers: U.S. backs three of every four dictators

Rich Whitney, an attorney and writer, sought to compare Freedom House's rating
system of political rights for 2015 to the U.S. government's provision of
military assistance - military training, military aid and weapons sales - to
foreign nations that same year. Whitney's stated goal was to determine whether
the U.S. government actually opposes dictatorships and champions democracy at
a global level, as is often claimed. His independent analysis found that the
U.S. has actually manifested the opposite of its stated intention, by
providing military assistance to 36 of the world's 49 dictatorships. In other
words, more than 73% of the world's dictatorships currently receive military
assistance from the United States. ..

Ultimately, "democracy promotion" was never the true intent, but instead the
disguise to mask the imperial conquest of nations that refused to acquiesce to
U.S. government demands. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/yby6wbse>


<http://tinyurl.com/y7vazm2d> zerohedge.com

.. Democracy is the US' ideological weapon of choice because it allows for the
management of "creative destruction" within the system that periodically
allows the public to peacefully vent their frustrations by electorally
recycling their civilian elites without interfering with their country's
permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (or "deep
state"). This is advantageous from an external perspective of hegemony because
it allows the US to indirectly retain control over its vassals, or when
needed, manipulate the democratic process in order to "legally" install their
public placeholder of preference. ..

There are times, however, when democracies fail to prevent the emergence of
system-threatening elite, in which case the US instrumentalizes various "deep
state" levers of pressure against the elected "revolutionary" in order to
offset their planned changes just like it's presently doing to Moldovan
President Dodon. If the newly elected figure can't be co-opted .., then it'll
either resort to carrying out a coup or launching a Hybrid War. Should that
fail, then the direct military intervention of its "Lead From Behind" partners
or even the US itself becomes possible per the Libyan model. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/y7vazm2d>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
Who is the world's leading environmental vandal?
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-21 12:51:35 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/yak4nzcg> moonofalabama.org

January 20, 2018

The Ukrainian Parliament has practically declared the Minsk agreements null
and void and decided to militarily "liberate" Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea from
the will of the people living there. Just in time the neo-nazi fanatics of the
Azov Battalion received a U.S. military delegation and U.S. arms.

The 2015 Minsk II agreement (full text <http://archive.is/ffIoe>) demanded
that the Ukraine creates a new law for the administration of these regions ..
Russia is not a party of the agreement. But when the resolution by the
Ukrainian parliament was not forthcoming western propaganda falsely blamed
Russia for "not fulfilling the Minsk agreement" and the west has since bound
the sanctions on Russia to this fake conclusion.

The National Bank of Ukraine announced that an independent accountant found
that PrivatBank, then owned by the coup financier and billionaire Ihor
Kolomoyskiy, was plundered of $5.5 billion shortly before it went bankrupt and
nationalized by the coup government. In connection with that an IMF loan of
$1.8 billion to the Ukraine allegedly went directly into Kolomoyskiy's
pockets. How much of this stolen money was paid to U.S. politicians? ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/yak4nzcg>

Post by Oleg Smirnov
US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World's Dictatorships
Oleg Smirnov
2018-01-26 03:24:12 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y9xcqnkt> georgiatoday.ge

25 January 2018

LNG Russian Gas Arrives in Boston

.. the United States purchased blue fuel from Russia because of the increase
in gas prices on the East Coast of the country to $6.3 thousand per thousand
cubic meters. ..

<http://tinyurl.com/yag843pl> bostonglobe.com

JANUARY 26, 2018

A second tanker carrying Russian natural gas may be on the way to the United
States .. Engie is poised to receive a second Russian cargo .. that may land
in Massachusetts Feb. 15, according to Kpler SAS, a cargo-tracking company. ..

Post by Oleg Smirnov
Russia-China Oil Friendship Makes Crude Costlier for Europe
Oleg Smirnov
2018-02-13 18:52:52 UTC

Dutch FM resigns after admitting lie about meeting Putin

13 Feb, 2018

The official admitted that his credibility had been damaged by the ongoing
scandal to such an extent that his position had become untenable. / Halbe
Zijlstra announced his resignation in an emotional speech ..


Dutch FM admits lying about Putin describing land-grab ambitions ..

12 Feb, 2018

"Greater Russia" is an amorphous term usually used to describe the historic
core of the Russian state .. The word "greater" is meant as a description of
spiritual significance rather than physical size.


Russia is not Europe, and the Euros should avoid 'projecting much' because the
European idea of nationalism, expansionism etc, based on the long and specific
history of the intra-European feuds and dirty tricks, as well as west-European
colonialist activities, differs significantly from what one might mine within
the Russian mindset.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
LNG Russian Gas Arrives in Boston
Oleg Smirnov
2018-02-14 06:52:38 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/yaq7zx9h> sputniknews.com

.. New Evidence of Georgian Snipers

ANDREI VESELOV | 2018-02-14

On February 20, 2014, unknown snipers shot at people gathered on Kiev's
central Maidan square killing 49 protesters and four police officers. Local
opposition leaders, as well as US and EU representatives, were quick to point
a finger at the "regime of Viktor Yanukovych." Still, an official
investigation failed to produce any results with the culprits still at large.

A Sputnik correspondent has met with the purported snipers, all of them from
Georgia. ..

Read more <http://tinyurl.com/yaq7zx9h>


Yesterday the post-coup Ukrainian authorities deported Saakashvili to Poland
<https://on.rt.com/8z2p>, - the day before when he was supposed to testify in
court about those snipers from Georgia.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
Dutch FM resigns after admitting lie about meeting Putin
Oleg Smirnov
2018-02-14 19:21:45 UTC

.. Why sanctions will never work against Russia

MARIA DUBOVIKOVA | 10 February 2018

.. Their calculations were wrong. The elites are not angry with Putin, they
are angry with sanctions. / The imposition of sanctions has boosted internal
processes that would hardly even have been launched without significant
external pressure. Russian society has consolidated and united, and the
Kremlin has used this social wave for its own benefit. Russia has focused on
developing its domestic economy, which it was too lazy to do before sanctions.
Russians are now working on meeting demand using their own resources. The
military-industrial complex, mostly in ruins after the collapse of the USSR,
is now restored and expanding, boosted by external threats.

The latest "Kremlin list" .. allowed Putin to urge businessmen named on the
list to avoid sanctions by repatriating their wealth, which benefits the
Kremlin. ..

What is clear is that sanctions are not going to change the Kremlin's course,
or its way of thinking. The further implementation of sanctions is a risk for
the global economy and the countries that impose them ..

The truth is that sanctions and aggressive rhetoric from the West have served
only to unite Russians in defiance. .. Aggressive statements from the West ..
are widely publicized by Russian state media. The effect on the public
consciousness is to divide the world into friend or foe, and to consolidate
the people into facing the aggressors.

Sanctions are irrelevant, and will never work against Russia in the way they
work against other countries. They take no account of the Russian spirit and
mentality. .. Western countries have weak advisers on Russia. ..


This Russian blonde also shows to the EU Nazi scum her middle finger.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. New Evidence of Georgian Snipers
Oleg Smirnov
2018-02-17 18:44:49 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y7n3qghr> eramedia.com.ua

Stop destruction of freedom of speech in the Ukraine!
The threat to freedom of speech in the Ukraine has reached a critical level.
Over the past year, civic organizations recorded almost 300 violations of
freedom of speech, and about 100 of that were violent attacks on journalists.
Use of violence against our colleagues, arson of buildings, police arrests
and searches, violent attacks of paramilitary groups, attacks of the
[government] internet bots, pressure from law enforcement, fiscal and other
bodies - that's a incomplete list of "arguments" the regime uses in dialogue
with the mass media. Special punitive role in the work with the mass media is
carried out by the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting
(OS: They call it Ministry of Truth informally). Real functions of this body
were degraded to censorship, repeated unscheduled inspections, blackmail of
editorial boards and so on. ..


Chief editors of a few major outlets have just issued such an appeal. Various
sources give the total number of 'political prisoners' in the country - those
who were imprisoned mostly for public criticism of the regime - from a few
hundreds to about 10 thousands, it includes journalists as well. However, if
freedom of speech was allowed in the Ukraine then the post-coup regime would
fall soon, so I don't expect much enthusiasm from "the US Congress, PACE, the
Council of Europe and the European Parliament" whom these folks call for help.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
This Russian blonde also shows to the EU Nazi scum her middle finger.
Oleg Smirnov
2018-07-12 10:01:12 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/yb5ggrqe> antiwar.com

A new poll .. is showing German voters are growing resistant to the current
level of spending on the military in their country, as well as the number
of US troops that Germany is playing host to. .. Taken along party lines,
Germans on both the left and the right were the heaviest supporters of the
US withdrawal ..

Germans are not just sick of foreign troops, either. The poll showed strong
resistance to Chancellor Angela Merkel's call to spend 2% of Germany's GDP
on the military. Only 15% of Germans support that idea. ..


Most of the Germans likely understand that the Ukraine-related issues, that
emerged after the unlawful violent coup in the country, are local and don't
pose any threat to Germany and the whole Europe.

But the Euromorons enjoyed the cheap talking about 'Russian aggression' etc

Now comes Trump and suggests them to put their money where their mouth was.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. Why sanctions will never work against Russia
Oleg Smirnov
2018-04-17 07:03:41 UTC
The American, English and French scum have attacked Syria. Apparently, the
Russian military were ready to intercept their flying and floating objects
if the scum's attack was serious enough. However, the American, English
and French have chosen a mosquito bite tactics to harass Syria. They have
spent ~ $300M to destroy some irrelevant non-defended facility (no, it's
not a 'chemical center') and given the Syriam army an opportunity to train
in interception of the missiles targeted to defended facilities.

This is a 'symbolical' attack. Due to such a situation, the Russian policy
makers face a dilemma of how to react on such a shoddy harassment. Russian
military machine is designed not for intimidation of weak nations but rather
for serious [nuclear] war. The recent attack on Syria was too petty to turn
it on against the Atlanticist gung. The gung perfectly understands that the
Russians are rational and moderate. However, the Atlanticist bullying still
isn't tolerable, and if it continues, then, at some moment, the Russian
military will have to respond with due consequences. So everyone now should
realize the fact that we have come to a verge of big war.


Independent team of American OAN reporters visited Douma recently looking
for evidence of the alleged chemical attack. They interviewed local
witnesses, and their report fits what the Russian MoD said in the very
beginning. "Residents there deny the claims of an attack, and say it was
staged to help the rebels escape."

Watch the full OAN report here <http://tinyurl.com/ydgptq4z>


Robert Fisk <http://u.to/JebgEQ> independently reports from Syrian Douma
about 'gas attack', and his story fits what the Russia MoD discovered three
days before.

<http://tinyurl.com/y8motxsk> independent.co.uk

.. Doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same
clinic, cheerfully tells me that the "gas" videotape which horrified the
world - despite all the doubters - is perfectly genuine. .. 58-year old
senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the
patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in
the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived .. People
began to arrive here suffering from hypoxia, oxygen loss. Then someone
at the door, a "White Helmet", shouted "Gas!", and a panic began. People
started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here,
it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia - not
gas poisoning." ..


Here are the 'Russian' videos about the alleged Douma gas attack:


Criminal gang of the Atlanticist scum used a false pretext to attack Syria.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. Why sanctions will never work against Russia
Oleg Smirnov
2018-04-26 15:16:48 UTC
According to a top post-coup Ukrainian 'official' <http://u.to/5vn7EQ>
("chief military prosecutor" - it's in quotation marks because the
"government" still remains illegitimate after the unlawful 2014 coup),
military casualties of the Kiev side due to the Donbas conflict are
about 3800 dead and 8500 seriously injured. The "chief prosecutor" has
revealed (the link above) quite a shocking thing that about 15% of the
dead are those who commited a suicide while on the front line. This
indicates the morale among those whom Kiev drove to slaughter under the
US and EU approval. Alcoholism and armed infighting between different
units of the Kiev 'army' are also known as contributing to the death
toll, although the "prosecutor" does not give the number of casualties.
Also, according to different sources, about 10 - 30 thousand of the men
drafted into the slaughter, switched side and joined the rebels.

The Donbas rebels' military casualties must have been of the same order,
although certainly less, because the rebels are en masse better military
organized against the rural Ukraine. The Russia's volunteers casualties
would be about 5% of this number which fits the known proportion of the
volunteers within the militias as well as the number of confirmed deaths.

Meanwhile, the euroscum in PACE have recently declared that Donbas is
occupied by the Russian army. The EU follows restored and modified Nazi
agenda, considering the people in East Ukraine a kind of subhumans whose
interests should be ignored. The 'Russian occupation' fiction is used to
cover this unsightly fact.
Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. Why sanctions will never work against Russia
Oleg Smirnov
2018-05-14 15:10:22 UTC
In upcoming weeks or days, the Crimean Bridge is expected to be opened for
vehicles. Railway will be completed later. The opening of the motorway
happens ahead of schedule (the very initial plan was about December 2018).

The below videos will help you the silly cattle meditate about the bridge.

When the decision about the bridge construction was made, the very first
response 'from the other side' was that such a construction is simply not

Here is, eg., the Khodorkovsky's 'opposition' outlet, autumn 2014:

"Sergey Hromenko, a researcher at the Ukrainian Institute of National
Memory, says that Moscow will not be able to build a bridge across the
Kerch Strait .. The "unpleasant" truth is that only the Germans were able
to build such a bridge in the course of their invasion of the USSR, but
the 4.5 kilometer German bridge was destroyed by ice flows immediately
after the war. And since that time, "no one, not even the Soviet Union
with all its power, was able to build such a bridge." .. "And if the
Soviet Union wasn't able to do this," Hromenko says, he "strongly doubts
that the Russian Federation will be able to so" despite Moscow's claims
that it will be able to do so and before 2018."

Of course, only a complete idiot would take seriously what the post-coup
Ukrainian 'researchers' or 'officials' claim, however, the above excerpt
illustrates the 'racial' way of their thinking: only the Germans were able
etc etc. The post-coup post-Ukraine is based on the ideas instilled in them
by the German Nazi occupiers during the WW2. It's a Nazi formation, running
by the people exercising their inferiority complex while trying to imitate
the German Nazis they were accustomed to consider a superior race.

Later, when a great progress in the bridge construction became visible, the
tone of commentators changed, they started to exaggerate 'issues': Russia
can't really fund so complicated construction <http://clck.ru/DNHME>, "half
of allocated budget was spent" <http://clck.ru/DNHT2>, the project will
likely be not completed on schedule <http://clck.ru/DNHRe>, the workers are
being treated like slaves <http://clck.ru/DNHWV>, the bridge poses a great
environmental threat, it will "disrupt the water flow of the Black Sea and
Azov Sea" <http://clck.ru/DNHar> etc etc. These claims were pure bullshit
just reflecting the desperate jealousy of the scum as well as the aspiration
to keep their cattle-like domestic populace misguided and ignorant about the
Russia-related things.

At some moment it had become clear that the large, complicated bridge has
been successfully built, the comments became look like a prayer to the devil
to destroy it: "even if the bridge now under construction can be finished,
its chances of standing for any length of time are small" (the stinky English
Newsweek <http://clck.ru/DNHtX>).

Of course, everything - strong earthquakes etc - is theoretically possible,
so let us wait and see, and let the scum excercise their hateful wishful
thinking. So far, the bridge is about to function, it will certainly boost
the tourist flow in Crimea this summer and make it fully invulnerable to the
petty dirty tricks from the post-Ukraine. It will also generally improve the
Crimean economy and further strengthen the inextricable ties between Crimea
and Russia mainland.

Post by Oleg Smirnov
.. Why sanctions will never work against Russia
Oleg Smirnov
2016-11-16 17:06:20 UTC
Post by Thomas Schmidt
The EU consists of 28 nations, 27 in the near future, you
want to fuck 27 nations?
"F*ck the EU" is a Frau. Vickie Nuland's expression, not mine.
Post by Thomas Schmidt
Putin Tried to Warn Us About Syria Three Years Ago, but Nobody Listened
That's not right.
You want to be called a liar?
Call me a liar only due to what I was claiming myself, please. The sentence
above was not written by me. I post excerpts from articles which I might not
fully agree with, but just find them somewhat interesting nevertheless.